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Rural Broadband

In addition to the major carriers such as BT and Be, there are a number of rural broadband projects providing high speed connectivity in small communities around the country. The technology used can vary for place to place but is commonly either fibre to the cabinet (like BT FTTC) or using a wireless link.

Some of these are enabled as part of a project by the local or county council. Many of these local networks are connected via a common back-haul network which allows us to provide a service. The specific details of the service will depend on where you are.


Installation£60.00Normal install price of new service.
Does not include modem/router
Monthly (line only)£22.20 pcmMonthly cost for base service without usage (not any phone line). i.e. this is the cost of a second line.
Monthly (2 units)£30.00 pcmMonthly cost with the minimum 2 units per month of usage allowance.
Daytime usage10GB/unitDaytime period (9am-6pm Mon-Fri except hols) usage is 10GB/unit.
Evening/weekend is 50GB/unit
LimitedAvailable at specific areas only and in some cases specific cabinets and villages.
TechnologyVariesThe technology will vary from location to location, and could be FTTC or wifi based.
Migration£60.00Normal migration price.
Notice/Term30 days
No min term
No minimum term, 30 days notice.


The service does not include a modem or router as part of the price, so you will need to buy these separately. We have some equipment available to buy from us.

The FTTC service includes a faceplate splitter on your phone line. A phone line is require for the service and not included in the price. You will need either a combined VDSL modem/router, or a VDSL/Ethernet modem and PPPoE router to use the service.

The WiFi service includes an antenna fitted to the premises and equipment to receive the signal. You will need a PPPoE router to use the service. No phone line is requires for the wifi service.


Depending on the service in your area, you may be able to upgrade the service from an existing broadband service on a BT based phone line. In some cases the service does not need a phone line (such as wifi based services).

Usage tariffs

Our standard broadband services have a usage based tariff. (There are special tariffs like Home::1 which are different). You choose how many units per month in advance and can change from month to month if you wish. Using too little or too much is carried over to the next month within limits and using way too much means excess usage charges. The amount of usage you get for each unit depends on the time of day and what type of line you have. Only download counts, not upload. A unit is at least one gigabyte (GB) of peak download. Your usage does not have to be whole units at certain times, you can use some of a unit during the day and some in the evening, etc. Daytime usage is 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (except holidays) and uses units the fastest. How it works Changing tariff

Note: This is a very new service, and the availability checker does not yet identify if you are in an area where rural broadband is available. If you believe you are in one of the areas then please contact sales to discuss your order. Information on this page is believed to be correct but please check with sales when ordering.