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Broadband Home::1 package


ADSL 100GB download / month

Need more? Want faster? You can top-up usage by 50GB during the month for £10

The Home::1 package is specially designed to meet the needs of the typical home user. There are a number of options for faster speeds and higher monthly usage if required. We can even provide a phone line specifically for broadband usage. Of course, Home::1 can be supplied with IPv6 and a WiFi broadband router.

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One of the most common questions we get is whether the usage limit will be enough. OFCOM produce reports on UK broadband activities and in 2014, on average, households download 51GB per month. One of the highest usage activities is video - checking some typical 44 minute TV episodes on iTunes you can see that a SD TV episode is around 530MB, and an HD TV episode around 1.6GB. That works out about 140 hours of SD video or around 50 hours of HD video to make up 100GB, though this will vary from video to video. That is a lot of films or TV episodes a month, but if you do need more you can top-up or go for the higher packages. Many TV/streaming services allow you to control the resolution of video you watch which helps manage your usage.

Terabyte option For extra high usage customers we now have our Home::1 Terabyte service, offering high speed VDSL, 1,000GB download allowance for £60 pcm including the line (so no line rental to pay). more...