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News 2017 tariff changes

Sep 2017 We are pleased to confirm a number of changes to Home::1 and SoHo::1 tariffs that are being made over the coming weeks.

Unusually we will be updating this page as we go with progress on the updates we are making.

Home::1/SoHo::1 Change Design/Spec Documentation Coding Testing Released
Extra 50GB on sub terabyte quotas ✓ 3rd Sep
Make topup not expire ✓ 6th Sep
Quota Bonus (start month with half previous month's unused quota as a bonus) ✓ 13th Sep
SoHo::1 share/balance quotas over whole account not just each site. Under consideration for Oct-Dec 2017*
Extending terabyte quota options to BT back-haul lines. Under consideration for Oct-Dec 2017*
Option for FTTC on one month term. Expected Jan 2018

There are a number of other features in the pipeline which will be added to this list in due course.

*The changes to increase usage allowances on BT lines depend on the installation of additional capacity to BT, which is already ordered from BT but taking longer than expected. At this stage it is expected before Christmas. Whilst we are sure the changes will get many new customers, our aim not to be the bottleneck means we would rather delay the new tariff than have congested links. Sorry for any inconvenience. Obviously customers buying now will be able to change tariff once it is launched.

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