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About testimonials

Just a few of the comments received from happy customers, you can see more at ISPReview.

From CE

I have been a customer of Andrews & Arnolds for 3 years, both at home and at work, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants high quality broadband. I have very high technical demands and unlike all other providers I have spoken to, A&A always understands me. The throughput, latency and jitter is the best I have seen on any broadband market and it's fantastic that they deliver real IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. After a lot of research of the UK broadband market, I am convinced their Home::1 and Office::1 with bandwidth allowances are the best packages out there for anyone who wants really high quality lines. It is also unbeatable that I get to talk to a real, intelligent and helpful person every time I call or email them.".

From D

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how impressed I have been by Shaun since I took the decision to bring my account to AA.net. Even though I don't migrate until Friday, he has recognised the terrible position my old isp left me in and has been doing his best to help towards a successful migration on Friday. I think this is first class customer service and wanted to share this with you. Michael, to whom I first spoke, was also excellent and I feel assured by this that I have chosen the right isp for my needs.

From SK

Could I take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort put in for me on getting this line installed and broadband supplied on it. I really do appreciate your going above and beyond to sort out the many quirks of BT coming along during the process, the most obvious being that there were no serviceable cables in the road outside.
I'm now up and working with A&A and the transformation of the broadband experience is magnificent. I don't have to reset my equipment each time I want to use the internet. I get about 26 Mbit/s download speed compared to 1.5 Mbit/s on the other line. I can now make use of internet features such as streaming video which were just unusable on the other connection. A real chalk and cheese comparison.
Your persistence and service culture has been shining through as we've been on this journey for the best part of 3 months and the technical outcome just ices the proverbial cake,

From AY

I am writing to say how impressed I am that, yet again, AAISP has delivered an exceptional service under a very tight deadline

  • Late in the day on Friday 30 August we took on a new private client in NW3 in need of urgent high quality Internet connectivity. At 5pm on Monday 2 September we contacted Michael Barrett to look at options for FTTC.
  • At 9.30pm on Monday 2 September we spoke with our client and decided to try and achieve an AAISP install within 4 days by starting a stopped line.
  • Within 19 hours Michael had completed this and we were ready to submit an FTTC order which we did with Michael at 9am on Wednesday 4 September.
  • Within 3 hours Michael had arranged the expedited FTTC appointment.
  • Just before midnight on Wednesday 4 September I realised we had a problem with the agreed date for the FTTC installation and I emailed Michael.
  • Just 90 minutes later, at 1.20am – yes 1.20am – Michael got back to me. And by 9am on Thursday 5 September Michael was doing his best to move the appointment to Friday when I would be on site. By 11am the cancellation was confirmed.
  • We then had a 24 hour delay until I could get some suitable appointment dates from the client.
  • At 1pm on Friday 6 September I was on site and called and advised the possible dates for BT to attend for the expedited appointment which were all for the following week (unless BT could turn up immediately while I was on site we optimistically hoped).
  • BT arrived 2½ hours later at 3.30pm and completed the job, on time, on spec.
  • 3.75 days (a.k.a. 90 hours) from start to finish. This is how service should be. I am very pleased with the commitment and “get it done” attitude of Michael Barrett on this job
  • My client and my sub-contractors were staggered at how I achieved a working BT line in less than 4 days with zero fuss, no stress, no call centres and a named contact who was actually interested in me and delivering for my client.

    From SR

    I am very happy with my new ADSL service. BT still say that I cannot recieve BroadBand but I am actually receiving, according to thinkbroadband's speedtest, around 6Mbs. I've been doing the test pretty much daily and now the line has settled the 6Mbs is quite consistent.
    Thank you for your excellent service.

    P.M. May 2011

    Just want to say a big thanks to James whose been dealing with my line. I regraded to 21CN just over a month ago which resulted in my speed dropping from 8M to 6M. Following the work done by James to put my line onto a custom DLM profile and to get a SNR reset done my speed has improved to 10M! It's now well past the end of the training period and I've not had any issues with connectivity/stability, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

    J.M. December 2010

    ...Well done for achieving something we could not get done for 24 months. That one bloody line caused so much hassle. It’s interesting that BT have over the last 2 weeks been replacing the wooden poles (approx. 20 units) along our exclusive line. An investment I never thought I would see. Thanks for all your efforts... we greatly appreciate it.

    A.W. December 2010

    I migrated from another well respected ISP to take advantage of AAISP's "We'll fix your line" offer. The old ISP insisted that my phone line was no longer capable of the high speed internet connection that it had provided for the previous 4 years. Since the changeover to AAISP, I have seen a 75% increase in speed and the line is now performing as well as it ever did. AAISP Support, Shaun in particular, deserve great praise for the diligent way they solved problems that the old ISP denied were even present. AAISP - it does what it promises. 5 star service

    Nick Foot, Aug 2010

    "A&A have provided me with first class customer service. Since I swapped the line and the broadband to them from BT internet and telephones they have managed to get an intermittent fault on the line repaired that BT had failed to fix for 8 months despite numberous phone calls to BT call centres.

    The Indian BT Internet call center were always "promising to do the needful" and BT Retail were denying that the broadband fault was anything to do with them as the phone worked.

    A&A took the line and broadband on and by providing the broadband status graphs and allowing the customer to run BT line tests provided the capability of proving what was happening (the fault was only there when it was raining). From that point on they were persistent in getting BT wholesale to spend the time needed to actually fix the fault and locate the corroded joint that had been causing intermittent broadband for months.

    I can thoroughly recommend A&A to anyone wanting reliable communications.

    Dr Paul Caesar, Feb 2009

    Seems to be that A&A care more about its customers than any other ISP and provide a lot more for your money despite A&A's problems with BT.

    Simon, 13th Oct 2008

    Just a short note to say thank-you for supplying the new routers for my Bonded ADSL.

    You have doubled the speed of my connection to almost 5Mb/sec when most people in my village can't even get synced!

    Keep up the good work...

    Richard, 21 Aug 2008

    Thank you - now back online after simply plugging in and switching on. You have made the office move a totally painless process, and although I did have my doubts it would go this well I am delighted to have been proved wrong!

    Many thanks to you and the technical team at AAISP - it's moments like this when I really feel it's been worthwhile spending a little bit more over the years to get this level of service when you need it.

    Roger Bromiley

    You should know that having been with Andrews and Arnold for some time now, we could not be happier with the standard of service we receive from you. The service provision is excellent and the customer support is - in our wide and varied experience - second to none. We will continue to recommend your service unreservedly.

    Michael Beddow

    They are an oasis of honesty and competence in a desert where wallies and crooks roam free. They say no-bullshit support and they mean it and provide it, sometimes way beyond their stated hours and contractual obligations. Welcome to a place where things are like what they ought to be in IT. There aren't many others available.

    Graham King

    I'd just like to express my appreciation for the prompt, patient, and expert help I've received from Adrian and Shaun (any omissions unintentional) over the last couple of days. Adrian's diagnosis of my DNS problems (caused by NAT on my router) was masterful.

    As a fellow techie (I do last-ditch UNIX support and security for a large multinational) I don't say this lightly. It's a pleasure to speak directly with folk who understand their work so well.

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