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Bank details

There is an increasing level of fraud where people are fooled in to sending money to a bank account which is not the one they intended. This has been in the news of late, mostly focused on consumers being scammed, but this does also impact businesses of all sizes. It is called Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud.

The banks are taking steps, expected in 2019, to address this to some extent by providing a means to verify the payee name when setting up a payment. However, this will not work for all types of payments (e.g. larger businesses that send BACS files, etc). So it remains a serious matter.

Searching for us on your bank payment system.

In many cases you can search for AAISP on your banking payments system. This should show the same bank details as below.

Our bank details for payments

Our normal bank details to which you can send a payment are as follows. Please check you are accessing this page via https on aa.net.uk.

Sort code20-16-99
ReferenceA.....A (your A&A account number)

You need to correctly quote the payment reference number we tell you on the invoice. This is the same for all payments on the same account with us, so you can use this when setting us up as a new payee.

Signed invoices

One of the types of scam is to send you an invoice that looks like it is from us, and ask for payment to different bank details.

We include bank details on all invoices with a balance due, both in plain text and PDF. These invoices (the plain text) are digitally signed, and if you have the means to check the signature you can verify the details have not been changed.

You can also access invoices via our accounting system, which is all https. Please always check the lock symbol, and do not override any warnings accessing our web sites.

If it doubt

If you have any doubts or any issues setting up a bank payment, please do call us.