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ADSL broadband service

RJ11 plugFor most of the UK we can offer ADSL based services. These use the phone line copper pair to connect back to a modem at the telephone exchange.

Most of the country can also get must newer VDSL services which uses the phone line copper pair to connect to a modem in the street cabinet, and hence provider faster service.

ADSL Features

Installation£50.00Normal install price of new service where there is no existing broadband on the line. This also applies to migrating from a LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) provider that does not use BT back-haul.
Monthly (line only)£12.20 pcmMonthly cost for (broadband) line only, applicable when this is an extra line on the same site on our older units based tariff.
Monthly (2 units)£20.00 pcmMonthly cost with the minimum 2 units per month of usage allowanceon our older units based tariff.
Daytime usage
(units tariff)
GB/unitDaytime period (9am-6pm Mon-Fri except hols) usage is GB/unit.
Evening/weekend/holiday is 50GB/unit
TechnologyADSL2+ADSL2+ is the newer broadband protocol allowing higher speeds that ADSL1. The exact speed depends on line length and quality. Use the line checker to confirm likely speeds for your line.
MigrationFREENormal migration price of existing IPStream/WBC service (not LLU).


Premium£12.00 pcmPremium option provides additional priority for traffic over BT back-haul. Generally the back-haul network does not have congestion though.
Care£12.00 pcmEnhanced care is available, providing higher priority repair service.


Marketing statement: The speed of the service depends on the distance from the exchange to your premises, the type and quality of cable, may depend on other factors such as local radio interference, and can change over time. Use the availability checker to get a forecast of the speed for your specific location.

Warning: The speed estimate is usually quite good, but this is an estimate and is also very much outside our control. In general lines get close to or more than the forecast. If we can identify that there is a fault causing a lower than expected speed we will work to rectify that fault. However, simply having a lower speed than you would like is not always a fault.

Technical statement: ADSL2+ technology can allow download speeds up to 24Mb/s. This equates to around 21Mb/s of IP throughput, under ideal conditions.


We offer a range of tariffs, including packages for home users (Home::1) which allow usage from 200GB per month. You can change tariff any time you want at no cost, taking effect from your next billing month. If you do not use all of your quota in a billing month, half of the unused about is added to the next month as a quota bonus.