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Broadband annex M

Annex M is a variation of the ADSL2+ standard that allows more uplink on the line but in return sacrifices some of the downlink speed. This is a chargeable extra service. It costs £12.00 pcm per month.

How to order

When you order broadband on an existing phone line, or migrate broadband to us, you are asked if you would like annex M on the line or not.

For an existing line you can use the order form to add or remove annex M from a line. Removing annex M cost £10.00 (there is no cost for adding it).

When ordering a new phone line for simultaneous provision you cannot order annex M. The line has to be installed and annex M ordered separately once the line is installed.

Note that annex M is not always available, depending on line length, and may not add much extra speed.

Note: Your equipment must support ADSL2+ and Annex M to take advantage of this service. Very long lines may get little or no benefit from this service.
Some routers do have problems negotiating Annex M with the DSLAM equipment in the exchange. For example, the ZyXEL P660R-D1 has problems with some models of DSLAM. -do contact support for help if needed.