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Internet Access Home::1

Home::1 is our domestic broadband package. It includes a real fixed legacy IPv4 address and a block of routed IPv6 addresses. (An additional block of four or eight IPv4 address is available upon request at no extra cost, contact our sales team.) We offer both the slower ADSL services and the faster VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) services (and even FTTP services) where available. The package is available with a copper pair or you can use with a phone line you buy from another Openreach based provider such as BT.

Including copper pair to support broadband service (not needed for FTTP)

Prices including optional £10 per month for a copper pair.

per month
per month
200GB £35 £45
300GB £45 £55
2000GB £50 £60

Without copper pair (e.g. FTTP or where you have a phone line from another provider)

Prices where you are making use of a phone line from another provider for your broadband service from us.

per month
per month
per month
200GB £25 £35 £40
300GB £35 £45 £50
2000GB £40 £50 £55

Set-up costs and initial term

The set up cost (for new install or migrations) depends on the initial term you select when placing the order.

TermADSL Set-upVDSL Set-upFTTP Set-upNotes
12 months£0£0£100Includes free router
6 months*£0£0FTTP only available on 12 month termA discounted router is available when ordering Home::1 for £25
1 month£25£50

If ordering a copper pair, that has separate set-up costs shown on order form, and no initial term. If you are regrading your service with us (e.g. ADSL to VDSL) you can choose 1 or 6 months term (which is added to any outstanding term if not yet expired). The free router on 12 month term is typically an ADSL/VDSL with 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, but subject to change. In all cases current details are as shown on the order form when you order. *Actually 6 months less one day.

Quota Bonus

You don't have to use your quota each month, and it would be unusual for even a heavy user to reach a terabyte. Your next month starts with your normal quota again, but we also provide a Quota Bonus - which is half of the unused quota from the previous month. This applies even on the terabyte packages. This accumulates, i.e. the unused amount includes any unused bonus quota. If you buy any top-up, that is kept separate and keeps rolling over until all used. More details here.

Domestic service

The Home::1 service is only for domestic customers and is not available to anyone that is VAT registered or at a commercial premises. We have a business package for such customers. The service is only available by Direct Debit payment, and credit control is strictly enforced such that failed payments or cancelling the Direct Debit will stop the service and you will have to contact our accounts department to sort it out (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). We can understand mistakes can happen, and so we will usually give you a couple of days to sort out any issues - it is however a condition of the service that you maintain a working Direct Debit instruction..

ADSL vs VDSL vs G.Fast vs FTTP

The four main types of broadband are ADSL, VDSL, G.Fast and FTTP. The ADSL service uses a modem link all of the way back to the telephone exchange - this will have a lower speed for the modem sync (0-21Mb/s) depending on the line. VDSL uses a modem link only back to the main street cabinet, and so this is normally a much better service with a higher speed (0-80Mb/s) depending on the line. We also offer G.Fast, which is a variant of VDSL but can give higher speeds on short lines (0-160Mb/s). FTTP (Fibre to the premises) is where your property has fibre installed right in to your property, and we offer services with speeds of 80Mb/s or 160Mb/s. Which services are available depends on your location. For an estimate of the speed for your location and which services are available to you, please use the order/quote form.

Note that we do not offer the "FTTP On Demand" product.

Monthly quota

You pick your monthly quota when you order. You can change your quota at any time, taking effect from the next billing month.

If you exceed your quota, you can either have the line stop working, offering a top-up page, or slow down dramatically until the next billing month, or automatically buy top-up. Top-up costs £10 for 50GB extra usage, which carries on month after month until used up. However, if you find you need top-up you will be better selecting one of the terabyte level quotas.

Modem and WiFi

We offer various equipment which you can use with our broadband services. This is all optional and you are welcome to use your own ADSL/VDSL modem and of course your own network equipment and WiFi access points as you wish.

If you order with your Home::1 service we can supply a broadband ADSL/VDSL modem with WiFi for £25. If you order service on a 12 month term we also offer a free modem/router.

We also offer various whole home multiple access point WiFi solutions on the order/quote form, although these are not cheap. Most people find the WiFi on the broadband router to work well unless you have an older properly with thick stone walls, or possibly some newer houses with insulating foil in the walls.

Bonded lines

It is possible to have multiple Home::1 lines on the same login. Each must have a monthly quota which can be changed independently. The lines can be used to bond uplink and downlink, or can be used as a fall-back arrangement. If a line runs out of quota then there is a balancing process for the quota remaining on the other lines. Only once all of the quota on all of the broadband lines at the site has run out does the normal action for blocking, slowing, or auto-top-up take place.

Initial term

You can select the initial term when ordering, and a longer initial term has benefits (free router, etc). You can terminate/migrate service at any time, but doing so within the initial term (which ends the ongoing charges) means you are charged an early termination fee of £15 pcm for ADSL and £20 pcm for FTTC/FTTP based on the remaining initial term. Otherwise, once the initial term is over, the contract continues at the same ongoing prices (subject to any price changes).

Business package

We offer business packages - starting with our entry level SoHo::1 package which is very similar to Home::1. The main differences (apart from VAT invoices) is availability of additional legacy IPv4 address, a 5TB high usage option, and an option to use our VIP line monitoring service where our tech support staff will be alerted if your line is down (during office hours).

If you are a home user but need usage levels up to 5TB then we recommend the SoHo::1 package.

We also offer a high availability, multiple line, Office::1 business package for larger companies.