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Internet Access L2TP Service

We offer a service to allow you to make use of our Internet Access service but without having a broadband line from us!

The service uses a standard system called Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) which allows you (using suitable s/w or equipment) to connect to us via another Internet Access service, and via that, to make use of our service.

Note: We also offer L2TP relay of normal broadband service and mobile data SIMs on to your own LNS - this is provided at no extra charge. We also offer L2TP access to your broadband service login as a backup at no extra cost over the price for your normal broadband service. The service described here is a separate L2TP access service independent of our normal broadband internet access.

Why would anyone want this?

Not all ISPs are equal, and A&A customers find our service very useful. We have many features that people appreciate including fixed IPv4, a block of IPv6, no censorship or monitoring. A good technical support team. Good peering and connectivity. And simply the right attitude to privacy and human rights.

Some technical issues you may encounter with other ISPs include dynamic IP or blocking of incoming ports; making it hard or impossible to run servers on your connection; or worse still Carrier Grade NAT (where there are extra layers of NAT within your ISP). Our service can allow these issues to be bypassed.

Using this service allows people to use us as their ISP via another ISP. Sadly, this does not fix congestion and speed issues in the other ISP, but it can address many other issues. Surprisingly some people actually report that using us via another ISP is faster than using that ISP natively, which seems illogical unless the other ISP has some selective traffic shaping, which is possible.

This will sound crazy to some people, we understand that, but we have hundreds of people buying this service and very happy with it. At the end of the day, if you don't need this, don't buy it - if you need this, you will know. We have no initial term on this service, so something that is cheap to try out.

What does it cost?

For domestic (non VAT registered) customers we offer our 1TB/month service at £10 pcm, capped at 100Mb/s, no initial term. There are no extra charges. If you exceed the 1TB/mon quota then your service simply slows down to 3Mb/s using quota from the next month.

For business customers we offer our 2TB/month service at £20+VAT pcm, capped at 100Mb/s, no initial term. There are no extra charges. If you exceed the 2TB/mon quota then your service simply slows down to 6Mb/s using quota from the next month.

Stopping service

Please use the same order link above to cease any L2TP service you have - there is no initial term.

Technical details

You will need an L2TP client device (a FireBrick can do this), or software. Important - this is NOT an encrypted L2TP or L2TP over IPsec, it is simple L2TPv2 over UDP. Your ISP could be monitoring and logging your communications, though it is unclear if current legislation would permit them to look inside the L2TP tunnel.

You will be allocated a username and password to use, and a single fixed IPv4 as well as a block of IPv6. These are then assigned via PPP and DHCPv6 as normal.

Using an A&A IP address you will have access to our various free services such as DNS resolvers and outgoing email servers just like any broadband customer. You are also subject to our Acceptable Use Policy like any other broadband customer.

You may have to set a lower MTU to accommodate the host ISP, possible as low as 1462 (or lower for some ISPs). In theory fragments will work to allow 1500 MTU on our service, but fragments are inefficient, and if everyone sends fragmented packets that could degrade the service.

You will need to use the "hostname" (sort of L2TP Tunnel level login) of "AAISP" and the endpoint of l2tp.aa.net.uk or You are allocated a username and password to use when you order.