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Domain Prices

Registration£1.20 pcm.uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz
.eu Registration£2.40 pcmfor .eu domains
DNS£1.20 pcmWe provide both primary and secondary DNS servers
Secondary DNS£1.20 pcmIf you run the Master DNS server. (Free if the Master is on one of our ADSL lines)
Email£1.20 pcmBased on Low usage and 1Gb storage - other usage will vary, see below. Also includes backup email services
Webspace£1.20 pcmBasic webspace, based on 1Gb usage.

Email Prices

The cost of our email services is based on:
  • Usage
    (The number of emails we process for you a month)
  • Storage
    (The amount of disk space storing your email takes)
For more information please see our High Email Usage page.