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Domains and Email services

Below is an overview of our domain services. For more details please choose an option from the sub-menu on the left, and the articles in the Knowledge Base to the right.

Domain Registration

We can register a domain name for you, typically a .uk, .com, .net or .org, we can register some others, do contact us for more information.

For .uk domains we provide on-line control of registration details, name servers delegated by Nominet and DNSSEC. For other domains you need to contact sales or support to make any such changes.

We provide most services on an on-going basis, and domain registration is no different. This means we deal with the registry to ensure the domain continues to be registered as long as you continue to take the registration service from us on an on-going basis. There is no need for you to take any action regarding renewals or expiry (other than continuing to pay your bill, obviously).

DNS & Domain Management

From our Control Pages, you can manage the DNS entries for your domain, we are also happy for you to run your own DNS server(s), and we can be a secondary if you wish. Broadband customers can also manage Reverse IP records. For .uk domains you are also able to manage the information that Nominet hold for the domain, this includes owner information, nameservers etc. For non .uk domains please contact Sales for any domain registry settings.

Email Services

We provide email services and you can send email through us and collect email by POP3 or IMAP (and webmail). We are also happy for customers to run their own servers. We can provide a backup mail relay to queue your email if you go offline.


We can host your web pages on our webserver, you can upload by FTP or by rsync. Again, you can run your own webserver if you wish, our broadband services come with public IP addresses and we don't block any ports.

Direct Debit

Our domain and related services are very cheap, and if you are spending less than £20/month with us we will expect you to pay by Direct Debit.

For an overview of our domain services please choose an option from the sub-menu on the left. For more information please see the Knowledge Base articles on the right.

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