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Ethernet How it works

Talk Talk back-haul

TalkTalk Ethernet services have a simple model where a service on a bearer links to us where we can provide the Internet back-haul. The price we quote covers the bearer and Internet access.

BT Etherways and Etherflows

BT Wholesale have a more complex model where you can have bearers (Etherways) of different speeds, and then have links over these (Etherflows) at different speeds on different VLANs. This allows links to us for Internet access, and the possibility of links between sites directly.

The Ethernet service is made up of several components:-

  • The physical link to your premises is called an Etherway. This uses fibre to your premises at speeds of 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s. This can then be used to carry one or more Etherflows with can go to us for internet connection or to other sites. In the future we will also be able to do multi-pair copper Etherways at speeds up to 40Mb/s depending on distance, and FTTC/FTTP where available.
  • An Etherflow is a dedicated un-contended link between two Etherways which can be anywhere in the country. The speed of this link can be as low as 1Mb/s but typically would be 10Mb/s or more and can be up to 10Gb/s. Each Etherflow has a VLAN tag at the end Etherway. An Etherflow can be a link to us where we connect it on to the public Internet, or can be used to link between different sites if you want. We can also arrange a burstable Etherflow.