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Ethernet prices

The exact price of our Ethernet service depends on a number of factors:-

  • Where you are in relation to your local telephone exchange
  • Whether the local exchange is a point of presence (POP), and if not how far to the nearest exchange that is.
  • Where the nearest POP is within the country
  • What link speed you want to your premises
  • Which services you want and at what speeds
  • Any excess construction charges that may apply

Typical prices

Typical prices are based on quoting for our office, or similar location and updated from time to time. Please use the quoting tool for a more accurate quote. The following are example (exc VAT) prices for 2Mb/s to 10Mb/s internet access on different types of connection.

Connection type2M-10M burstable
100Mb/s fibre*£3,000£450

* Fibre installs often have excess construction charges.

Excess construction charges

The install price for dedicated fibre links has a caveat though - it depends if you have fibre in the premises already from BT/Openreach and if not, then how much work is involved in getting it there. Excess construction charges apply if there is not already fibre present and can vary from a few hundred pounds for running a fibre tube through existing ducting to several thousand pounds if the road needs digging up. Many business premises will have little or no excess construction charges, but most residential premises would involve a large charge. When you order a survey will be done, and if there is excess construction then you can choose to go ahead or not at that point. We cannot get an advance quote for the excess construction charges.

Lead time

The lead time for fibre installs is 33 working days, subject to survey. We cannot guarantee this time-scale but we do only start charging for the service when it is installed. Where there is digging involved it can take months.

For copper Ethernet services the lead time can be a little shorter. For FTTC the lead time is usually only 14 to 30 days.

Minimum term

The Etherway part of the service (link to premises) has a 12 month minimum term. The Etherflow part of the service (bandwidth) has a 1 month minimum term (since last change of speed). 30 days notice applies to terminating service.

Usage charges

There are no separate usage charges. Your ongoing monthly charge includes all usage.