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RJ11 plugOur Ethernet services provide high speed, high reliability, links to the internet and between sites with a coverage of approximately 90% of UK business addresses. Typically customers will buy 10Mb/s symmetric (both ways at once) connected via 100Mb/s fibre to allow quick upgrade to faster speeds when needed. Because we use real fibre-optic links, we are able to offer speeds of up to 10Gb/s if required. A 2M-10Mb/s burstable internet service starts from as little as £650/month (+VAT) and is typically around £1000/month (+VAT). We can provide a quote based on your specific location. Alternative copper access can provide services at a lower price such as £250/month (+VAT) for 1Mb/s symmetric which compares well with SDSL.

Fibre Ethernet

Unlike some fibre broadband services you may have seen advertised, the fibre Ethernet service we offer involves a fibre-optic link right in to your business premises. A fibre-optic link offers several advantages over a copper link (a) it is faster allowing speeds up to 10Gb/s if you really wanted (b) it is massively more reliable, being not subject to radio interference or the weather. At speeds of 100Mb/s, once the fibre gets to your premises the termination equipment will convert it to a normal RJ45 ethernet connector to connect to your firewall, router, or switch.

Ethernet over FTTC

We can now offer an Ethernet over FTTC service. This is like a normal FTTC line, but with an Ethernet backhaul. It allows us to offer services at a fixed price in the same way as other Ethernet services, and provides a higher level of reliability over normal ADSL. It is not quite as good as a fibre to your premises. This can be quoted for in the same way as our other Ethernet services using BT backhaul.


Our Office::1 product provides an alternative high availability Internet access using multiple DSL lines and even 3G/4G LTE backup.

Internet access

The most common service we offer is internet access, typically starting at 10Mb/s symmetric (both ways at once). This provides a high reliability internet connection. Being 10Mb/s uplink as well means you can sensibly host servers or equipment on the end of your link. The fibre link is normally 100Mb/s which allows you to increase from 10Mb/s at short notice. We can route IP addresses to you as required, or announce your own IP addresses received by BGP. We can also provide provider independent IP address space if you need, and provide equipment and consultancy on BGP routing and firewalls. Whilst 10Mb/s is common, we can provide speeds up to 100Mb/s in 10Mb/s steps, up to 500Mb/s in 100Mb/s steps and 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s services if required. We can provide multiple independent internet access on a link to you at the same time, each of different speeds if you like, which may make sense if one is dedicated to VoIP to be separated from general internet access. As with our ADSL service, we do not block any ports or protocols.

Site to site

We can also provide site to site access. This means two sites that have the service are connected together at a speed of your choice. The link between the sites is Ethernet, so allows any protocols or addressing you like. You can have site to site access and internet access at the same time and VLANs are used to separate the traffic on the link to your premises. We can provide multiple site to site paths at the same time if you require (perhaps for separating VoIP traffic, or multiple sites). It does not matter how far apart the sites are, and there are no usage charges for traffic transferred.

We can also provide lower cost dedicated direct site to site links within 25Km at speeds of 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s.

All you can eat

Within the selected speed you can transfer data as much as you like, so if you have a 10Mb/s link you can transfer 10Mb/s each way constantly 24 hours a day with no extra charges or fair usage policy coming in to play. The links to us, or between sites, are un-contended so not shared with anyone else and so will not slow down at peak times. This really is an unlimited usage service. In some cases we can offer a slightly cheaper service where the links to us are not guaranteed as un-contended, please ask if if you would like a quote for this variant.

Burstable service

We can also offer a burstable service. This guarantees an un-contended, all you can eat, throughput as above, but allows you to burst traffic to five times that rate. The additional capacity is shared with other users on our transit and over the BT core. Once your start using more than the guaranteed rate (i.e. bursting), if your average usage remains over the guaranteed rate for over an hour then the speed will drop gradually, but never below the guaranteed rate. Once your average returns to the guaranteed rate since you started bursting, then the speed will return to the full burstable rate. The burstable service is ideal for normal office internet access as the nature of internet access is often bursty with quite a low average throughput. The exact details of how the bursting works may be changed over time, but always ensuring the guaranteed rate applies.

How to order

The service is available now - why not try the quick quote to get an idea of pricing. If you would like to order contact our sales department who can provide a more formal quote and progress your order.