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Hosting services

tempThe services we offer are very much the same as you would find in any data centre and consist of power, air conditioning, internet connection and security.


The power feed has UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and generators to handle any outage in the national electricity supply. Data centres are generally very good at maintaining power, but it is impossible to guarantee 100%. We can provide two separate power feeds to your equipment run from separate circuit breakers in the building. Your server must take standard IEC320 (BS30320) 10A 250V power connectors. Power is a major factor in hosting costs and we recommend you look for low power servers to minimise running costs. Your server must be configured start up cleanly from power on.

Air conditioning

The air in the data centre is maintained at constant temperature and humidity. This ensures the best operation of servers. We ensure all servers are mounted with clear air space above and below.

Your server must have standard 19" rack mounting rails.

Internet connection

We provide internet connections with blocks of IP addresses as required run on a separate LAN from our core routers. We operate two routers with VRRP for maximum uptime, and we connect via multiple transit connections to the internet in London via diverse routes. Your server must take standard RJ45 10/100/1000baseT Ethernet connections. We connect at up to gigabit rates but can set a lower rate on your port by request. You can have multiple feeds for added resilience. We can allocate a fixed IP by DHCP if you wish.


The data centre operate 24 hour security, with tag controller gates and doors as well as security cameras. If you need access to your rack you will need to arrange this in advance and you will be escorted to the rack and supervised.


We can arrange for on-site staff to carry out basic operations, and our offices are only 10 minutes away if you need more complex tasks carried out. If you have a server with more complex problems we can move the server to a test bench in our Bracknell offices for baby-sitting if you need as we have a dedicated fibre link from our offices to the data centre. We can also arrange for server build and test in our offices before deploying in the data centre.

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