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Knowledge base Unfiltered Internet Access

This page defines what we mean by an unfiltered Internet access which we provide via Broadband, Ethernet and mobile services.

Active choice It is part of the terms and made clear at sign up that you are opting out of all filtering in the network, including any government mandated or requested filtering. You have an active choice on this - you can choose to take unfiltered service from us or not to take service from us.

Internet Access

We will assign to you IP addresses in order to make use of the Internet using our services. This could be anything from a single legacy IPv4 WAN address to blocks of IPv4 and even IPv6 addresses.

The service we offer involves us sending and receiving packets using those IP addresses and ensuring, to the best of our ability, that they are passed on correctly.

Source filtering

One point to bear in mind is that we are routing IP packets to and from you for your assigned IP addresses. This means traffic directed to your IP addresses is sent down your line and traffic from your IP addresses is accepted from your line. We won't accept packets that incorrectly appear from IP addresses that are not assigned to you coming from your line. This is not filtering your service as your service is an Internet access service and so relates only to your IP addresses that we have assigned.

Speed limitations

Whilst we do not filter based on any address, port or protocol in any way there are technical aspects of your service which mean you cannot send or receive more than your line can handle. This is not filtering but simply a full link. We do have a system for management of downlink traffic which we provide to you and you control which allows small packets to have a preference over large packets. This is an extra service we offer and is controlled on our web pages. You can set downlink rates to below 100% of your line rate in order to ensure small packets such as VoIP have priority, for example. This is generally only for broadband lines.

Mobile service

Mobile services currently only offer legacy IP and tunneled IPv6


Obviously any of our customers are welcome to install any monitoring and filtering systems as they wish and the law allows. This is especially important where parents are allowing their children unsupervised Internet access. There is a lot of nasty stuff on the Internet as well as useful content. This is, however, your responsibility and not something we are offering. There are many packages available for various operating systems.


It is the firm policy of the company that we offer an unfiltered Internet connection. Naturally we are not trying to encourage people to break the law - and you need to take responsibility for your own actions - but we are not the police and we provide Internet access without monitoring and filtering as is our protected right under EU law.

We oppose the idea of general surveillance or black boxes more.