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Knowledge base Email - Auto Responder

The C email servers have an auto responder feature. The options are set from the 'Mailbox' page (where you change your Mailbox password on the Control Pages.). This could be useful if you are away from email for example

Email Auto Responder

There are a few options to customise how it works, as follows:


Simply switch on or off the auto responder.

Date Range:

Choose when the auto responder is active - i.e. put in the date range that you are away, or leave the date range really wide to always reply. For the auto responder to be active, tick the 'Enabled' check box and set the dates to be in range.


This is the message that is sent out.


You have some control over how often the message is repeated. You may not want to send an auto response every time the same person emails you - here you can restrict the system to send only once in a period of time. e.g. only send one message in a 7 day period. You can also use 0 to only send one message, or 1 second will always send a message. (as long as they are at least 1 second apart!)

The system tries not to reply to email that shouldn't have an auto response sent - messages such as spam, mailing lists, other auto responders etc - however please let Support know if you notice a problem with this.