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Knowledge base Web Space Information

We can provide web space for any domain you have. This allows you to have a web site containing web pages, images, videos, etc. It does not include php or sql or other such features, but this does not stop you creating a stunning web site. If you want such features you may like to consider hosting a server.

The domain control pages allow you to set up the DNS. This is normally set up for you. Simply create an entry for www with a CNAME to our web server which is www-server.co.uk. You can also create an entry of type Web password with a password. This defines the password for loading web pages on to the site. You can set multiple passwords and any will work. You can set password for specific sub domains if you like.

To load web pages use ftp with the username of your web site, e.g. www.example.com and the password you defined. You can then load pages and create directories, etc. The index page should be called index.html.

Sub domains are handled specially on the server. The web site will have a root directory structure that you can access by ftp. If you have a password for the main domain (e.g. example.com) but logged in by ftp to a sub domain (e.g. www.example.com) then you find yourself in a www sub directory. Each directory in the file system is treated the same as a sub domain. So if you made a sub directory test with a directory in it called thisisa and then set up a suitable DNS record for thisisa.test.example.com then that would refer to the /test/thisisa directory. Mostly people only use www as a sub domain and that is the directory in which they put their site. Obviously sub directories also work as normal, i.e. the previous example would work as test.example.com/thisisa.

It is also possible to update the site using rsync. This is very efficient if you have a master copy and want to update the web server from it. This is also a good idea as we cannot guarantee never to lose your web site so you should keep a copy. Use rsync to your web site name, e.g. www.example.com and the rsync name and rysnc section which is your domain, e.g. example.com and your password for that domain. if you have set a password for a sub domain use the rsync name as the sub domain.

Password protected areas are also possible. In any directory you can ceate a file called password.txt in which you put lines that are in the form username:password to identify

The web space is intended for a simple web site and allows up to 1GB of information. We do check the highest usage of your web site over the month and if it exceeds 1GB we charge for each extra 1GB or part at £1.20/GB.

For the sake of clarification, the service offered is a web space service for publication of web sites and associated material accessed by http. It is not a general purpose file storage or ftp repository. Ftp and rsync are provider solely for the purpose of updating the site. During maintenance we may limit or suspend the ability to update pages by ftp or rsync for a period of time.

For more information, please see our Technical Web Help Article