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Knowledge base Hosted servers

Your server must have standard 19" rack mounting rails. Ask support for details of exact rack size and rail spacing if needed. (eg Some Dell rails are too long for our standard depth racks)

We can provide two separate power feeds to your equipment run from separate circuit breakers in the building. Your server must take standard IEC320 (BS30320) 10A 250V power connectors. Your server must be configured start up cleanly from power on.

Your server must take standard RJ45 10/100/1000baseT ethernet connections. We connect at up to gigabit rates but can set a lower rate on your port by request.

IP connectivity is provided by means of a specific subnet for your server. You can have multiple servers on the same subnet if you wish. We provide a gateway address on the subnet which is a VRRP managed address for our two routers. Two of the addresses are therefore reserved for those routers. We can provide a DHCP server for you (which will reserve one more address). As such, for one or two servers we will normally assign a /29.

We can also assign a dedicated /64 IPv6 block and set up RADV to allocate addresses if required. Please ask when ordering.

We can route additional blocks to your servers if necessary. This makes it easy to set up a front end router or firewall if you wish. It is also useful for some configurations of virtual servers where routing is used rather than bridging.