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Knowledge base 07 UK Mobile numbers

We are able to offer 07 UK Mobile numbers on our Voice over IP platform. This means a conventional 07 number, charged by operators like any other UK mobile number, routed to you using VoIP/SIP. Simply use the order form to pick a number or port in a number. As with all of our VoIP services there is no minimum term.

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Why would you want this?

The main reason is flexibility - you can control how your calls are handled, use your own phone system, even have call recording. You can have calls ring your desk phone and mobile, and transfer calls, and do whatever you like. Until recently that flexibility has only been possible with conventional "landline" style numbers, but now we offer this with mobile numbers as well. Lots of companies (especially banks) simply cannot cope with a mobile phone on an 01/02 "landline" style number, and this allows you to work with them.

This flexibility also applies to SMS, where you can process inbound SMS as you like - logging or auto processing and responding.

Pricing is also key - as we only charge for what you use, not bundles, and very low monthly costs and no minimum term.

With no minimum term, and being able to port your number back out - what do you have to lose?

Porting in

We are also able to offer porting of existing 07 UK Mobile numbers to our platform from other operators. You need to obtain a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the existing operator, then simply order using the order form. This normally takes one working day.

Porting out

Whilst we have very limited porting agreements on most of our numbers, our 07 UK Mobile numbers can be ported out. This is currently a manual process, so email the sales team to ask for a PAC.

Use with SIP2SIM for a more conventional mobile phone experience

07 UK Mobile numbers are intended to be used with mobile devices. Whilst the rules on this are out-dated and not enforced, we do recommend using these numbers with our SIP2SIM service. You can, of course, route the calls via your own phone system, or configure with our SIP2SIM service directly.

Using with SIP2SIM means your phone will work very much like a normal mobile phone, but bear in mind a few differences. Read more about SIP2SIM.

  • Our standard VoIP features such as call recording are available, even using your mobile.
  • The VoIP 07 UK Mobile service is separate from the SIP2SIM, and charges for each apply. This means that whilst there is no charge (or revenue) from incoming calls, if you send these call to the SIP2SIM service the normal SIP2SIM airtime charge applies. This does not apply if you are routing to a normal SIP handset, obviously.
  • Our outgoing VoIP service has call charges but if you are using SIP2SIM to make such calls the SIP2SIM airtime charge applies on top of call charges for the VoIP service.
  • Our outgoing VoIP service does not allow premium rate numbers to be called, and by default has rate caps in place blocking expensive numbers which can be lifted if you need.
  • Our outgoing SMS does not allow SMS to short codes, only normal numbers. Again, both incoming and outgoing SMS will have the charges for the SIP2SIM airtime on top of our normal outgoing SMS charges if you use SMS with SIP2SIM.


Our UK 07 Mobile numbers do work for SMS. You can send SMS using the number as the originator, but also receive SMS which can be forwarded to SIP2SIM, or emailed, or posted to a web page for you.

Order a VoIP telephone number.

This page refers only to our new 07 UK Mobile numbers and not to our older 074411 numbers. Those older numbers cannot be ported and do not handle incoming SMS, and work only from some networks and at higher costs. If you have one of these older numbers we recommend ordering a new number instead for greater functionality.