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News Usage/price changes

We are making changes to usage allowances and prices from 1st November 2011.

What is changing exactly?

  • 21CN BT connected broadband lines daytime usage allowance increases from 2GB/unit to 2½GB/unit.
  • 21CN BT connected broadband lines evening/weekend usage allowance decreases from 100GB/unit to 50GB/unit which is the same as the 20CN evening/weekend usage allowance.
  • BE connected broadband lines daytime usage allowance increases from 8GB/unit to 10GB/unit.
  • BE connected broadband lines evening/weekend usage allowance decreases from 125GB/unit to 50GB/unit which is the same as the 20CN evening/weekend usage allowance.
  • The cost per prepaid usage unit increases by 25p+VAT (30p inc VAT).
  • New! We have also increased daytime allowance for 20CN from 1GB/unit to 1¼GB/unit from November.

What does this mean?

A typical customer on 21CN with 2 units currently pays £19.40 per month and has either 4GB daytime or 200GB evening/weekend usage.

After the change the same customer will be paying £20.00 per month and have 5GB daytime or 100GB evening/weekend usage.

When is it changing?

The date of the change is 1st November for existing customers, what this means depends how you are billed.

  • Monthly billed customers see no change until their November bill. On that bill the price increase will show for November, and the usage allowances will be the new usage allowances. We may even increase the daytime usage for October, ahead of the change.
  • Quarterly billed customers will see the existing price for October and the new price for November and December. Their usage allowances for the quarter will be the existing evening/weekend and higher daytime allowances for the whole quarter. The decreased usage allowance for evening/weekend will not show until your Jan/Feb/Mar period starts.
  • Customers on other bill cycles (lunar, 4 weekly, etc) will see new prices and usage allowances from their bill during October.
  • New customers will see the new prices and usage allowances on the web site from early October, and their initial bill and usage allowances will reflect the new prices and levels when they are first billed.

Paying by Direct Debit

Customers paying by direct debit will receive a new direct debit advance notice whenever their bill changes. This means most customers on monthly billing will not pay their November bill on 1st November as usual, but on the 8th, having received their new DD notice. In December you will also get a notice stating that payments will be on the 1st of each month from then on.

No hard feelings

We know some people will not be happy about this, so if you wish to leave because of the change, please request a migration code on the web site. This is emailed to you within a few minutes.

Existing customers within a 12 month minimum term (e.g. FTTC customers), please contact sales to adjust your final invoice accordingly as you will otherwise be charged for the whole of the remainder of the term.

Why the change?

We have been traditionally a business ISP with peak usage during the day. Gradually over the last few years that has changed. This means we have a peak usage in the evening and weekends now. Our tariffs need to change to reflect this - encouraging daytime and discouraging evening and weekend usage.

Overall usage levels are also getting to the stage where we have to invest in new 10Gb/s links and equipment, which is costly.

What of the night/special rates?

We are not changing the usage allowance for 2am to 6am which remains at 1000GB/unit. We have no plans to change the arrangements we usually announce for Christmas week - but these are announced each year specifically.

What of 12 month minimum term?

We have had some queries from customers on 12 month terms (i.e. FTTC lines).

The contract does allow us to change the pricing. We are doing so with over a month's notice. However, for customers that are on a contract within a minimum term (FTTC lines) and who are not happy to continue with the new pricing, we can either let you out of the minimum term, or agree to keep the old terms for the rest of the minimum term. We have, in this case, chosen the former.

If you are leaving because of the price increase then order your migration or cease during October on your 30 days notice. The final invoice will include the remainder of the minimum term. Then contact sales to adjust your final invoice manually. They will ensure the 30 days notice are on the existing terms and the charges for remainder of the term are cancelled - this will be by means of a credit note, and the balance will be due for payment as normal. If this is at all unclear, please talk to sales.

If you keep service to the end of November without asking to cease or migrate then you are agreeing to the new pricing and the remainder of the term applies as normal.

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