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News IPv6 routers

We have been doing IPv6 for nearly a decade; allocating IPv6 addresses by default since early this year; and providing IPv6 capable routers as standard since before World IPv6 Day...

As of today (11/11/11) we are changing the routers we offer slightly.

  • The Billion 7800N is no longer free for new installs, but still available at normal retail price.
  • The Technicolor TG582n (IPv4 only) is available from today and is offered as our free with broadband router.
  • We are starting field trials of a new IPv6 router

Overall this means we will shortly have a choice of IPv6 capable routers.

Billion 7800M

As we are no longer providing the Billion routers free, for the next month or so, anyone needing IPv6, please talk to us about the trial IPv6 router (see below). The Billion 7800N is available at normal retail price, and provides working IPv6, and has dual antennae WiFi.

Technicolor TG582n

TG582nThis is an excellent small router with WiFi and 4 port Ethernet. Not only is it ADSL/ADSL2+ but also supports PPPoE WAN port for use with FTTC and FTTP. The WIFi is also 802.11b/g/n.

At present this router is only IPv4, but we are assured it will be upgradable to IPv6 early in 2012. The upgrade will be free of charge. If you need IPv6 sooner, please talk to us about the IPv6 router trial (see below).

Zyxel P660

We still have stock of the ZyXEL P660 routers (IPv4 only) which are available as a free with the service router. As these are not IPv6 we will not be selling these once existing stock is depleted.

IPv6 router field trials

We are starting some field trials with a few customers for a new IPv6 capable DSL and PPPoE router. These should be available from next week. Please talk to us on the #trial irc channel on irc.aa.net.uk for more details next week. We will be offering a small number free of charge for the trial under our usual trial terms.

Please note: At present we are not saying what model of router this, but we are working closely with the manufacturer directly to ensure that any bugs we find are resolved quickly before this is launched.

Update: We can now confirm the routers we are using for the trial, and now shipping as standard are the Technicolor TG582n.

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