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News World IPv6 day promotion

Billion 7800NJune 2011: Andrews & Arnold Ltd show commitment to World IPv6 Day (June 8th 2011) by supplying an IPv6 compatible and configured broadband router with all new installs ordered after World IPv6 Day, while stocks last.

Whilst AAISP have offered IPv6 for over 9 years now, until today it has been rather geeky requiring customers to configure their own routers, typically based on linux boxes. IPv6 broadband routers have not really existed until recently, apart from specific rather expensive models. For business customers we offer FireBrick based solutions which include IPv6 but this out of the price range of most domestic customers.

Orders placed after World IPv6 Day for new installs can have a free with the service pre-configured broadband router that just does IPv6 as standard (while stocks last). When connected to your line and your network you will just have working IPv6 on your machines, whether Windows, Mac, Linux or even your iPad. Of course legacy IPv4 works just as well as always for really old machines or anything that can't yet do IPv6.

The router being supplied is a new Billion 7800N with newly released firmware. This is a high end router which includes 802.11n WiFi for superior wireless access, a 4 port gigabit switch, and even a 100Mb WAN port so it can be used on FTTC and FTTP lines as well and ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband lines.

The plan is to continue to supply IPv6 configured routers from now on, and not to buy any more IPv4 only routers. This will depend a great deal on the router manufacturers and how quickly they can come up with suitable models over the next weeks and months.

This is the first time we have been able to offer IPv6 as standard to both technical and non-technical customers.

As with all offers, this offer is valid until we withdraw it, which we can do with no notice.

UpdateThe router currently shipped (Jan 2012) is the Technocolor TG582n which includes 4 port switch and wifi as well as IPv6

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