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Dec 2012: Home::1 - A Simply Priced, IPv6 Enabled, Broadband Service for Modern Families

Andrews & Arnold (aka AAISP) today announce the launch of Home::1, a new service aimed at home users.

The service is a departure from the provider's normal "units based" model of charging which home and business customers have been used to. Under the units based scheme, two rates operate - one "peak", and one "off-peak", with downloads done during those times costed differently. Home::1 is usage based, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no "peak" and "off peak" differentiation. This freedom has reportedly been very popular with trial users of the new service.

  • The package costs from £25 per month, including VAT, and gives 50 GB of download allowance per month.
  • Heavier users can elect to increase to 150 GB of download, for an extra £10 per month.
  • FTTC 40/10 is available at £10 extra, and 80/20 for a further £5 on top of that.
  • Topups can be bought for £10 per 50 GB.

AAISP have been operating IPv6 for over 10 years, and focus on high quality, reliable services with low latencies ideally suited to gamers. All Home::1 customers still benefit from A&A's "CQM"; line monitoring which checks every line every second.

One customer who trialled Home::1 before launch, Gareth Bowker from Yorkshire, said "I work from home. A&A have always provided a brilliant technical service but I've always been aware of daytime downloads because of their units tariff. Home::1 means I don't have to worry about my daytime usage any more, with simple, sensible prices that match my usage."

Asked about IPv6, Bowker said that it "just works" - adding - "even though I use it, I don't realise it most of the time".

Every Home::1 connection from A&A comes with 1 IPv4 address and a /48 of IPv6 address space, and a free WiFi router.

For more information, see http://www.aa.net.uk/broadband-home1.html

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