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News January 2016

We have issued a newsletter covering some of the developments we are working. These will be attached to bills as usual.

New Terabyte Packages – Progress!

Many of you will have heard rumours of some new, higher usage, FTTC packages delivered via TalkTalk wholesale infrastructure. This project has been ongoing for some time now; longer than we had hoped, but we are finally almost ready to launch.

Our first test order was placed in mid-December (on the line of a member of staff) and once we've verified that all works as expected and also developed the necessary API calls to enable our sales team to place orders more efficiently, we will be launching to customers.

We do apologise for the length of time this has taken to come to fruition, but we really are almost “there” now, at last.

Full details of packages and pricing of these terabyte packages will be published on www.aa.net.uk very soon; we are intending for this to be before the end of January.

Capacity Increases to London Network

Broadband usage is climbing all the time, and we foresee this trend only accelerating as higher “inclusive usage” packages are launched.

We are pressing forward with a project to radically increase our London network's capacity. We have ordered a pair of dark fibre circuits, taking care that they follow differing road routes, between our two London datacentres.

At present we have multiple single gigabit connections between them. The new network will provide a maximum throughput between sites of 80GBits/sec. In practice we will never load them to more than 40Gbits/sec to retain redundancy at all times.

  • In addition we will be installing new core switches in both sites, we will also be :
  • increasing the number of LNSs in the pool
  • increasing the number of LINX ports we run
  • taking up more transit in both sites.

It should provide plenty of room for growth in future.

New Staff Members

Maria Blackmore has joined our ops team, as our resident “Network Fairy”. She brings vital knowledge and experience of “big networking” which is already being used within the project to upgrade our London network (see opposite).

We have also welcomed Mark Gordon, Andy Hayward and Jamie Trenchard to the support team.

“The Lights Before Christmas”

We produced a YouTube video instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards this year. Based on a parody of “The Night Before Christmas”, our version, “The Lights Before Christmas” takes a humourous glance at the issue of what cheap flashing lights can do to a DSL service as a result of RF interference.

Lots of people made very flattering comments on it, and we're pleased with the end result. If you didn't see it, do have a look at :

Or visit our channel, with more A&A videos at :


4G on Data SIMs in the New Year

Final preparations are underway to enable our fixed IP data SIMs to use 4G where coverage allows. The ETA for this to be complete is the end of January.

A&A #IPBill Involvement

Andrews & Arnold (in particular Adrian) have been publicly involved in the debates and discussions arising from the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill. Adrian gave evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee. You can read his blog about it at www.me.uk

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