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News Capacity upgrades

Nov 2016: We are upgrading our capacity to Talk Talk

Our core network underwent a major upgrade at the start of 2016 allowing us to handle 10Gb/s links to carriers. During 2016 we have launched our terabyte services, and as expected this has led to increases in usage.

We are pleased to announce that we are now upgrading links in to Talk Talk to multiple 10Gb/s fibres. This is a 10 fold increase in capacity. The first stage (upgrading one of the links) is planned for 7am on Thursday 3rd November. In theory this should not cause problems with traffic or cause lines to drop, but there is always a risk with this sort of network engineering work.

Moving to more and more 10Gb/s links over time allows our network to expand to meet the ever growing needs of our service.

Capacity planning

We always aim to not be the bottleneck for Internet access. For a small percentage of the time over the last few months that has not been the case. We constantly track usage levels and make forecasts, and started the process of this Talk Talk upgrade over three months ago. The actual work will only take a few minutes, but getting to this stage and dealing with the bureaucratic processes of telcos continues to surprise us, even now. To that end we are adding even more time to future network plans.

What of other links?

Our BT links are well within capacity, largely due to moves of lines to Talk Talk for our new terabyte services. Obviously we will upgrade links to BT if and when we need, but 10Gb/s links will be some way off.

Our peering and transit is doing well but we are working on some 10Gb/s upgrades specifically for links to high data sources such as streaming video and content delivery networks. We'll post more on this as necessary.

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