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News Terabyte services

Jan 2016: As announced in our newsletter we are finally launching our terabyte services this month.

Home::1T A superfast (80Mb/s capped) service with huge usage allowance (1 terabyte per month) for only £60/month including VAT and no extra phone line charges to pay.

What is the service?

The service is a VDSL (Fibre to the Cabinet) based service (capped to 80Mb/s download speed) with very high usage allowance (at least one terabyte) for a fixed price. No over usage charges, no top-ups.

At present the service is very specific, and has some key restrictions. We hope to be able to lift some of these restrictions in the coming months.

  • VDSL capped to 80Mb/s down and 20Mb/s up (actual speed depends on line length and quality as normal for FTTC).
  • High download usage allowance starting at one terabyte download (1,000,000,000,000 bytes) per month.
  • Includes the copper pair / phone line with the service (no calls). This can either be taken over from an existing working phone line, or a new install cost. No option without this and no calls allowed.
  • Currently includes a BT engineer installed BT modem, though you could use with any suitable VDSL router. We offer a pre-configured ZyXEL VDSL/PPPoE router with WiFi and IPv6.
  • 12 month minimum term, even on Home::1, sorry.
  • Is provided as a new service provision and not a migration - this means any existing service will be subject to any minimum term / cease charges even if provided by us. We can retain login / IP addressing, etc. Home::1T only allows a single IPv4 (but obviously a block of IPv6).

How much does it cost?

We are launching three packages with no other options.

Including PSTN
Early termination
per month left
Over usage
reduced speed
Home::1T1 Terabyte£100 VDSL
+£60 PSTN
+£25 modem
SoHo::1T2 Terabytes£83.33+VAT VDSL
+£20.83+VAT modem
(+ backup line)
10 Terabytes£500+VAT£300+VAT£75 per line30Mb/s

Note: As of Feb 9th the install price is now £50 and is non-engineer visit installation.

  • The install cost for Home::1T and SoHo::1T is the same, at £100 inc VAT for the VDSL part, plus £60 inc VAT if not taking over an existing phone line, plus £25 inc VAT if purchasing a modem/router.
  • As normal with our normal Home::1 service, Home::1T is only available to non VAT registered home users, and comes with one WAN IPv4 address and a block of IPv6 addresses.
  • If the download allowance is exceeded there are no tariff options. Simple that the download rate drops to a lower speed until the next month (or billing period), with that usage coming out of the next month's allowance.
  • For Office::1T the service has a second line purely as a redundant backup not as additional capacity.
  • You can upgrade from Home::1T to SoHo::1T (from coming month) at no penalty.
  • Bonding option for Home::1T and SoHo::1T is two lines at twice the cost and hence twice the allowance, not special packages with a lower price second line, no allowance balancing between lines, sorry.

When can we have it?

We are carrying out tests in the first week of January with staff. Done

Mid January we expect to open this to selected customers (we'll ask on irc) to test ordering process. Started

We plan to have new ordering systems in place, including ordering a cease of existing service and new terabyte install, by end of January.

Update, Jan 30th: New ordering pages are now in use here.

Where is this available?

Only where we can offer this, which is most places that FTTC/VDSL is available. The checker will confirm if Talk Talk back-haul FTTC is available, and speeds will be confirmed when ordering (same as BT FTTC services).

How is this possible?

Talk Talk have offered a specific package to us with a different pricing model that allows us to operate this package, but only on this specific back-haul arrangement. Neither BT nor Talk Talk have changed our general back-haul pricing as yet. If and when BT ever offer improvements to our BT back-haul we will consider changes to existing tariffs.

This works using the same BT FTTC cabinets as BT Infinity service, and so has the same speed and capabilities, just that it has different back-haul from the exchange to us.

Do A&A have capacity for this?

During January we are upgrading our core network in London with a new 40Gb/s ring and extra transit, peering, and carrier links.

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