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Annual Conference of the Open Rights Group on 8th June

The Open Rights Group's annual conference, ORGCon, is this year being sponsored by Andrews & Arnold Ltd (AAISP).

The Open Rights Group informs the public on, and campaigns for changes in, government policy dealing with matters of freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, creativity and consumer rights. Recently, they have been outspoken in their critique of the “Snooper's Charter” (Communications Data Bill), and have directed a campaign towards ISPs and the public.

AAISP is a broadband provider of both fixed line and mobile Internet access, without censorship or filtering of any type. It provides customers access on both IPv4 and IPv6, and has a history of innovative products and services, and of doing things right. AAISP shares many of the same values as the Open Rights Group, so sponsorship of an event of this kind makes sense for both.

AAISP Director, Adrian Kennard, said :

What we see going on at the moment is not a new phenomenon; a situation where the law makers do not adequately understand the problems and challenges (or, indeed, benefits) of a new technology; the Internet. As a result, left to their own devices, politicians draft stupid, unenforceable and useless laws, or laws that actually by their existence make the situation worse. Groups such as the ORG make a serious attempt to improve this state of affairs, and their work is why Andrews & Arnold Ltd is pleased to sponsor ORGCon 2013. It is also a great opportunity for us to meet with a group of well informed potential customers likely to be interested in the sort of high quality, unfiltered, Internet services that we provide.

ORGCon 2013 is on Saturday 8th June in London and tickets are still available from www.openrightsgroup.org

Andrews & Arnold's website is at www.aa.net.uk

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