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For many years we were sponsors of the local ice hockey team, which gave us the opportunity to take lot of photographs. See the e.gg site...

We have equipment and experience taking and editing photographs for use on web sites, brochures, and merchandise. We offer a range of services to customers from a gallery of useful shots to custom photo shoots. We can provide images at over 20 megapixels, but can also scale and crop to fit your specific requirements. We can also provide UHD (4k) video.

We also work with a company that can use images to produce tee shirts, mugs, mouse mats, jigsaws, key rings, coasters and a range of promotional material.

If you need any photographic work or merchandising, please email sales for a quote.


Unlike most photographers, having paid us to take images, you can use the raw/edited images/video we provide to you, in whatever way you wish, for no extra charges or licence fees.

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