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Special Order Investigation service

Our Special Order Investigation service, version 2, (or SOI2 for short) is a service that we (Andrews & Arnold Ltd) offer to British Telecommunications plc (BT), and any other wholesale broadband carriers which with we deal, to assist the carrier in the investigation and correcting of ordering issues related to broadband lines or other related services.

A service to BT Wholesale and other carriers

BT Wholesale, and other carriers, provide us with End User Access broadband services.

When we order a service from a carrier, the carrier can accept or reject the order. Having accepted the order, the carrier has to complete the order in accordance with the accepted order and details provided.

However, it is possible for the carrier to make an error, such as getting the address wrong (in spite of us providing the correct details), or failing to complete the order for some other reason.

Obviously, if the carrier makes an error, it is the responsibility of the carrier to correct their mistake.

SOI2 service

In some cases it may be that the carrier will ask Andrews & Arnold Ltd to take steps to assist the carrier in investigating or correcting their mistake, these could include.

  • Providing copies of order documents, XML logs, etc.
  • Cancelling and reordering the service
  • Ceasing a service and re-ordering the service
  • Making changes to the order as placed, even though it was correct according to agreed specifications.
  • Re-appointing a contact with our customers or site contacts to allow re-providing the order.
  • Any other action that we would not have to take if the carrier had not made an error processing the broadband order.


To order the SOI2 service BT, or the carrier, simply need to ask us to take one of these actions in relation to an order we have placed with the carrier.

It is important to remember that this is a totally optional service. The carrier does not have to ask us to carry out any of these services, they can, instead, correct mistakes they have made all by themselves.


We charge a fixed fee for this service. The fee is £168.00 in relation to any one broadband related service order. We issue an invoice for the fee once we have carried out the work requested.

Where this fee is not paid promptly, it will be deducted from payments made to the carrier, as a dispute.

Obviously if the provision of the broadband service is delayed by a mistake made by the carrier, and there is any SLG payment due for such delay, this will also need to be paid by the carrier as per the carrier terms.

Circumstances where there is no charge

If, having investigated an order we find that it was not an error by BT plc (or other carrier) that caused the ordering problem, then the usual charge for a Special Order Investigation shall be waived. The carrier will charge for any order cancellations or re-appointment as per the agreed terms.

Not taking this service

Obviously BT, or the carrier, do not have to take this service, it is an optional service. The carrier can simply correct the ordering mistake themselves, paying any SLG compensation that is due for any delay that may apply.