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Telecoms full price list

Peak rate is 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Off Peak is other times Monday to Friday, Weekend is Saturday and Sunday all day.

*By default you cannot call any number where the exc VAT cost of a 1 minute call could exceed 20p. Please contact sales to enable calling such numbers.

The following rates apply to numbers starting with certain specific dialling codes.

Call tariffsInc VATExc VAT
Off peak
Min costPeak
Off peak
Min cost
01National 1½p 1¼p 1p 2.4p 1¼p 1.0417p 0.8333p 2p
02National 1½p 1¼p 1p 2.4p 1¼p 1.0417p 0.8333p 2p
03National 1½p 1¼p 1p 2.4p 1¼p 1.0417p 0.8333p 2p
04call.me.uk 0p 0p
101Single Non-Emergency 0p 15p 0p 12½p
111NHS Non-Emergency 0p 0p
116 0p 0p
3:PSD1UK Mobile data per MB 2.4p 2p
999Emergency services 0p 0p
aaCalls to A&A offices 0p 0p
ACAccess Charge (for 084/087/09) 2p 2p 1.6667p 1.6667p
AfghanistanInt Afghanistan 17½p 2.4p 14.5833p 2p
AfghanistanMobileInt Afghanistan Mobile 16½p 2.4p 13¾p 2p
AlbaniaInt Albania 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
AlbaniaMobileInt Albania Mobile 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
AlbaniaTiranaInt Albania Tirana 2¾p 2.4p 2.2917p 2p
AlgeriaInt Algeria 13¼p 2.4p 11.0417p 2p
AlgeriaAlgiersInt Algeria Algiers 13¼p 2.4p 11.0417p 2p
AlgeriaMobile *Int Algeria Mobile 54p 2.4p 45p 2p
AmericanSamoaInt American Samoa 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
AndorraInt Andorra 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AndorraMobileInt Andorra Mobile 21¼p 2.4p 17.7083p 2p
AngolaInt Angola 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
AngolaMobileInt Angola Mobile 12¾p 2.4p 10.625p 2p
AnguillaInt Anguilla 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
AnguillaMobile 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
Antarctica *Int Antarctica 67¼p 2.4p 56.0417p 2p
Antigua&BarbudaInt Antigua & Barbuda 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
Antigua&BarbudaMobile 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
ArgentinaInt Argentina 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ArgentinaBuenosAiresInt Argentina Buenos Aires 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ArgentinaMobileInt Argentina Mobile 21p 2.4p 17½p 2p
ArmeniaInt Armenia 23p 2.4p 19.1666p 2p
ArmeniaMobileInt Armenia Mobile 12¼p 2.4p 10.2083p 2p
ArmeniaYerevanInt Armenia Yerevan 23p 2.4p 19.1666p 2p
ArubaInt Aruba 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
ArubaMobileInt Aruba Mobile 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
Ascension *Int Ascension 94p 2.4p 78.3333p 2p
AustraliaInt Australia 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AustraliaCanberraInt Australia Canberra 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AustraliaMelbourneInt Australia Melbourne 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AustraliaMobileInt Australia Mobile 12¼p 2.4p 10.2083p 2p
AustraliaSydneyInt Australia Sydney 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AustriaInt Austria 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
AustriaMobileInt Austria Mobile 17p 2.4p 14.1667p 2p
AustrianSharedCostInt Austrian Shared Cost 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AustriaViennaInt Austria Vienna 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
AzerbaijanInt Azerbaijan 9¼p 2.4p 7.7083p 2p
AzerbaijanBakuInt Azerbaijan Baku 5¼p 2.4p 4.375p 2p
AzerbaijanMobile *Int Azerbaijan Mobile 50p 2.4p 41.6666p 2p
BahamasInt Bahamas 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
BahamasMobile 16¼p 2.4p 13.5417p 2p
BahrainInt Bahrain 19p 2.4p 15.8333p 2p
BahrainMobileInt Bahrain Mobile 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
BangladeshInt Bangladesh 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
BangladeshDhakaInt Bangladesh Dhaka 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
BangladeshMobileInt Bangladesh Mobile 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
BarbadosInt Barbados 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
BarbadosMobile *Int Barbados Mobile 25½p 2.4p 21¼p 2p
BelarusInt Belarus 19p 2.4p 15.8333p 2p
BelarusMinskInt Belarus Minsk 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
BelarusMobile *Int Belarus Mobile 28¾p 2.4p 23.9583p 2p
BelgiumInt Belgium 8p 2.4p 6.6667p 2p
BelgiumMobileInt Belgium Mobile 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
BelizeInt Belize 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
BelizeMobileInt Belize Mobile 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
BeninInt Benin 13¼p 2.4p 11.0417p 2p
BermudaInt Bermuda 4¼p 2.4p 3.5417p 2p
BermudaMobileInt Bermuda Mobile 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
BhutanInt Bhutan 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
BhutanMobileInt Bhutan Mobile 11½p 2.4p 9.5833p 2p
BoliviaInt Bolivia 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
BoliviaLaPazInt Bolivia La Paz 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
BoliviaMobileInt Bolivia Mobile 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
Bosnia&HerzegovinaInt Bosnia & Herzegovina 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
Bosnia&HerzegovinaMobileInt Bosnia & Herzegovina Mobile 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
BotswanaInt Botswana 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
BotswanaMobileInt Botswana Mobile 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
BrazilInt Brazil 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
BrazilBrasiliaInt Brazil Brasilia 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
BrazilMobileInt Brazil Mobile 10p 2.4p 8.3333p 2p
BrazilRiodeJaneiroInt Brazil Rio de Janeiro 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
BrazilSaoPauloInt Brazil Sao Paulo 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
BritishVirginIslandsInt British Virgin Islands 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
BritishVirginIslandsMobile 16¼p 2.4p 13.5417p 2p
BruneiInt Brunei 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
BruneiMobileInt Brunei Mobile 3p 2.4p 2½p 2p
Bulgaria *Int Bulgaria 26p 2.4p 21.6667p 2p
BulgariaMobile *Int Bulgaria Mobile 41p 2.4p 34.1667p 2p
BulgariaSofiaInt Bulgaria Sofia 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
BurkinaFaso *Int Burkina Faso 49p 2.4p 40.8333p 2p
BurkinaFasoMobile *Int Burkina Faso Mobile 39p 2.4p 32½p 2p
Burundi *Int Burundi 120p 2.4p 100p 2p
BurundiMobile *Int Burundi Mobile 60p 2.4p 50p 2p
cPersonal numbers 13p 7¾p 2.4p 10.8333p 6.4583p 2p
CambodiaInt Cambodia 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
CambodiaMobileInt Cambodia Mobile 6½p 2.4p 5.4167p 2p
CameroonInt Cameroon 11¾p 2.4p 9.7917p 2p
CameroonMobileInt Cameroon Mobile 16¼p 2.4p 13.5417p 2p
CanadaInt Canada 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
CapeVerdeInt Cape Verde 14¾p 2.4p 12.2917p 2p
CapeVerdeMobileInt Cape Verde Mobile 19¼p 2.4p 16.0417p 2p
CaymanIslandsInt Cayman Islands 5¾p 2.4p 4.7917p 2p
CaymanIslandsMobile 14¼p 2.4p 11.875p 2p
CentralAfricanRepublic *Int Central African Republic 39½p 2.4p 32.9167p 2p
CentralAfricanRepublicMobile *Int Central African Republic Mobile 82p 2.4p 68.3333p 2p
Chad *Int Chad 84p 2.4p 70p 2p
ChadMobile 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
ChileInt Chile 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ChileMobileInt Chile Mobile 10p 2.4p 8.3333p 2p
ChileSantiagoInt Chile Santiago 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ChinaInt China 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ChinaGuangzhouInt China Guangzhou 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ChristmasIsland *Int Christmas Island 30¼p 2.4p 25.2083p 2p
Cocos(Keeling)IslandsInt Cocos (Keeling) Islands 9¼p 2.4p 7.7083p 2p
ColombiaInt Colombia 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
ColombiaBaranguillaInt Colombia Baranguilla 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ColombiaBogotaInt Colombia Bogota 4.08p 2.4p 3.4p 2p
ColombiaCaliInt Colombia Cali 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ColombiaMedellinInt Colombia Medellin 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
ColombiaMobileInt Colombia Mobile 10¾p 2.4p 8.9583p 2p
ColombiaPereiraInt Colombia Pereira 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
Comoros *Int Comoros 25½p 2.4p 21¼p 2p
ComorosMobile *Int Comoros Mobile 30¾p 2.4p 25.625p 2p
Congo *Int Congo 25½p 2.4p 21¼p 2p
Congo(DemocraticRepublicof) * 48p 1.2p 40p 1p
Congo(DemocraticRepublicof)(Zaire)Int Congo (Democratic Republic of) (Zair 21p 2.4p 17½p 2p
Congo(DemocraticRepublicof)MobileInt Congo (Democratic Republic of) Mobil 17p 2.4p 14.1667p 2p
CongoMobile *Int Congo Mobile 28½p 2.4p 23¾p 2p
CookIslands *Int Cook Islands 40½p 2.4p 33¾p 2p
CostaRicaInt Costa Rica 7.2p 2.4p 6p 2p
CotedIvoireInt Cote dIvoire 15¼p 2.4p 12.7083p 2p
CotedIvoireAbidjanInt Cote dIvoire Abidjan 15¼p 2.4p 12.7083p 2p
CotedIvoireMobileInt Cote dIvoire Mobile 20½p 2.4p 17.0833p 2p
CroatiaInt Croatia 2¼p 2.4p 1.875p 2p
CroatiaMobileInt Croatia Mobile 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
Cuba *Int Cuba 74¼p 2.4p 61.875p 2p
CubaGuantanamoBay *Int Cuba Guantanamo Bay 30¼p 2.4p 25.2083p 2p
CyprusInt Cyprus 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
CyprusMobileInt Cyprus Mobile 5¼p 2.4p 4.375p 2p
CyprusNorthInt Cyprus North 6.45p 2.4p 5.375p 2p
CyprusNorthMobileInt Cyprus North Mobile 10¾p 2.4p 8.9548p 2p
CzechPragueInt Czech Prague 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
CzechRepublicInt Czech Republic 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
CzechRepublicMobileInt Czech Republic Mobile 11¾p 2.4p 9.7917p 2p
dPersonal numbers 13¼p 9¾p 2.4p 11.0417p 8.125p 2p
DenmarkInt Denmark 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
DenmarkMobileInt Denmark Mobile 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
DenmarkNGInt Denmark Non Geo 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
DiegoGarcia *Int Diego Garcia 155p 2.4p 129.1667p 2p
Djibouti *Int Djibouti 28½p 2.4p 23¾p 2p
DjiboutiMobile *Int Djibouti Mobile 28½p 2.4p 23¾p 2p
DominicaInt Dominica 9¼p 2.4p 7.7083p 2p
DominicaMobileInt Dominica Mobile 19½p 2.4p 16¼p 2p
DominicanRepublicInt Dominican Republic 3½p 2.4p 2.9167p 2p
DominicanRepublicMobileInt Dominican Republic Mobile 9p 2.4p 7½p 2p
DominicanRepublicPager 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
ePersonal numbers 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
EastTimor *Int East Timor 25¼p 2.4p 21.0417p 2p
EcuadorInt Ecuador 24p 2.4p 20p 2p
EcuadorMobileInt Ecuador Mobile 24p 2.4p 20p 2p
EcuadorQuitoInt Ecuador Quito 24p 2.4p 20p 2p
EgyptInt Egypt 11p 2.4p 9.1667p 2p
EgyptCairoInt Egypt Cairo 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
EgyptMobileInt Egypt Mobile 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
ElSalvadorInt El Salvador 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
Emsat(Satellite) *Int Emsat ( Satellite ) 335¾p 2.4p 279.7917p 2p
EquatorialGuinea *Int Equatorial Guinea 44p 2.4p 36.6667p 2p
EritreaInt Eritrea 22½p 2.4p 18¾p 2p
Estonia *Int Estonia 53p 2.4p 44.1667p 2p
EstoniaMobileInt Estonia Mobile 21¼p 2.4p 17.7083p 2p
EthiopiaInt Ethiopia 21½p 2.4p 17.9167p 2p
EthiopiaMobileInt Ethiopia Mobile 22½p 2.4p 18¾p 2p
fPersonal numbers 15p 14p 13p 2.4p 12½p 11.6667p 10.8333p 2p
FalklandIslands *Int Falkland Islands 35¼p 2.4p 29.375p 2p
FaroeIslandsInt Faroe Islands 9½p 2.4p 7.9167p 2p
ff28 10.18p fixed 10.18p 8.48p fixed 8.48p
ff9 * 44p + 0.09p/min 36.6666p + 0.075p/min
FijiInt Fiji 16½p 2.4p 13¾p 2p
FinlandInt Finland 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
FinlandMobileInt Finland Mobile 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
FinlandUniversalAccessNumberFinland Universal Access Number 12¼p 2.4p 10.2083p 2p
fm1Mobile (o2) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
fm12 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
fm2Mobile 15¼p 2.4p 12.7083p 2p
fm3Mobile (T-Mobile) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
fm4Mobile (Orange) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
fm5Mobile (Vodafone) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
fm6Mobile (3) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
fm7Mobile 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
fm8Mobile 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
fm9Mobile 15¾p 10p 2.4p 13.125p 8.3333p 2p
FranceInt France 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
FranceMobileInt France Mobile 10p 2.4p 8.3333p 2p
FrancePersonal/Premuim * 35p 2.4p 29.1666p 2p
FrenchGuianaInt French Guiana 4½p 2.4p 3¾p 2p
FrenchGuianaMobileInt French Guiana Mobile 23¼p 2.4p 19.375p 2p
FrenchPolynesiaInt French Polynesia 14½p 2.4p 12.0833p 2p
FrenchPremiumInt French Premium 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
fw7 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
fw9 17p 2.4p 14.1666p 2p
g21Other calls 5p 2p 2.4p 4.1667p 1.6667p 2p
g605x VoIP calls ½p + 7½p/min 2.4p 0.4166p + 6¼p/min 2p
GabonInt Gabon 16¾p 2.4p 13.9583p 2p
GabonMobileInt Gabon Mobile 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
Gambia *Int Gambia 28½p 2.4p 23¾p 2p
GambiaMobile *Int Gambia Mobile 32¾p 2.4p 27.2917p 2p
GeorgiaInt Georgia 3¼p 2.4p 2.7083p 2p
GeorgiaMobileInt Georgia Mobile 9p 2.4p 7½p 2p
GeorgiaTbilisiInt Georgia Tbilisi 2¾p 2.4p 2.2917p 2p
GermanyInt Germany 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
GermanyBonnInt Germany Bonn 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
GermanyMobileInt Germany Mobile 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
GhanaInt Ghana 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
GhanaAccraInt Ghana Accra 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
GhanaMobile *Int Ghana Mobile 31p 2.4p 25.8333p 2p
GibraltarInt Gibraltar 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
GibraltarMobileInt Gibraltar Mobile 20½p 2.4p 17.0833p 2p
GreeceInt Greece 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
GreeceAthensInt Greece Athens 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
GreeceMobileInt Greece Mobile 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
Greenland *Int Greenland 40¾p 2.4p 33.9583p 2p
GreenlandMobile * 49p 2.4p 40.8333p 2p
GrenadaInt Grenada 8¾p 2.4p 7.2917p 2p
GrenadaMobileInt Grenada Mobile 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
GuadaloupeInt Guadaloupe 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
GuadaloupeMobile *Int Guadaloupe Mobile 39¼p 27p 2.4p 32.7083p 22½p 2p
GuamInt Guam 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
GuatemalaInt Guatemala 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
GuatemalaMobileInt Guatemala Mobile 9p 2.4p 7½p 2p
GuineaInt Guinea 23½p 2.4p 19.5833p 2p
GuineaBissau *Int Guinea Bissau 64p 2.4p 53.3333p 2p
GuineaMobile *Int Guinea Mobile 49p 2.4p 40.8333p 2p
GuyanaInt Guyana 20¼p 2.4p 16.875p 2p
HaitiInt Haiti 10½p 2.4p 8¾p 2p
HaitiMobileInt Haiti Mobile 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
HaitiPortauPrinceInt Haiti Port au Prince 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
HondurasInt Honduras 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
HondurasMobileInt Honduras Mobile 13¾p 2.4p 11.4583p 2p
HongKongInt Hong Kong 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
HongKongMobileInt Hong Kong Mobile 3p 2.4p 2½p 2p
HungaryInt Hungary 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
HungaryBudapestInt Hungary Budapest 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
HungaryMobileInt Hungary Mobile 11p 2.4p 9.1667p 2p
I07Inbound mobile 0p 0p
I080Inbound freephone calls 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
I080MInbound freephone (mobile) 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
I080PInbound freephone (payphone) 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
I0871Inbound 0871 0p 0p
IcelandInt Iceland 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
IcelandMobileInt Iceland Mobile 14¾p 2.4p 12.2917p 2p
IndiaInt India 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
IndiaBangaloreInt India Bangalore 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
IndiaBombayInt India Bombay 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
IndiaCalcuttaInt India Calcutta 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
IndiaDelhiInt India Delhi 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
IndiaHydrabadInt India Hydrabad 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
IndiaMadrasInt India Madras 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
IndiaMobileInt India Mobile 4½p 2.4p 3¾p 2p
IndonesiaInt Indonesia 5½p 2.4p 4.5833p 2p
IndonesiaJakartaInt Indonesia Jakarta 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
IndonesiaMobileInt Indonesia Mobile 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
IndonesiaSurabayaInt Indonesia Surabaya 2¼p 2.4p 1.875p 2p
InternationalFreephoneInt International Freephone 0p 0p
IranInt Iran 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
IranMobileInt Iran Mobile 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
IranTehranInt Iran Tehran 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
Iraq *Int Iraq 30p 2.4p 25p 2p
IraqBaghdadInt Iraq Baghdad 3¾p 2.4p 3.125p 2p
IraqMobile *Int Iraq Mobile 30p 2.4p 25p 2p
IrelandInt Ireland 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
IrelandH3GMblIreland H3G Mobile 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
IrelandImagineMblIreland Imagine Mobile 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
IrelandMeteorMblIreland Meteor Mobile 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
IrelandMobileInt Ireland Mobile 15¾p 13¼p 2.4p 13.125p 11.0417p 2p
IrelandO2MblInt Ireland 02 Mobile 23½p 19.5833p
IrelandVodafoneMblIreland Vodafone Mobile 1.8p 2.4p 1½p 2p
Iridium *Int Iridium 483p 2.4p 402½p 2p
IsraelInt Israel 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
IsraelMobileInt Israel Mobile 5½p 2.4p 4.5833p 2p
ItalyInt Italy 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ItalyMilanInt Italy Milan 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
ItalyMobile *Int Italy Mobile 37p 2.4p 30.8333p 2p
ItalyRomeInt Italy Rome 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
j *Personal numbers 32¾p 22½p 2.4p 27.2917p 18¾p 2p
JamaicaInt Jamaica 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
JamaicaMobileInt Jamaica Mobile 14½p 2.4p 12.0833p 2p
JapanInt Japan 3½p 2.4p 2.9167p 2p
JapanMobileInt Japan Mobile 9½p 2.4p 7.9167p 2p
JordanInt Jordan 2¼p 2.4p 1.875p 2p
JordanAmmanInt Jordan Amman 10½p 2.4p 8¾p 2p
JordanMobileInt Jordan Mobile 6½p 2.4p 5.4167p 2p
k *Personal numbers 38¼p 25½p 2.4p 31.875p 21¼p 2p
KazakstanInt Kazakstan 10¼p 10¼p 9½p 2.4p 8.5417p 8.5417p 7.9167p 2p
KazakstanMobile *Int Kazakstan Mobile 29p 2.4p 24.1667p 2p
Kenya *Int Kenya 28p 2.4p 23.3333p 2p
KenyaMobileInt Kenya Mobile 21p 2.4p 17½p 2p
KenyaNairobiInt Kenya Nairobi 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
Kiribati *Int Kiribati 41½p 2.4p 34.5833p 2p
KiribatiMobile *Int Kiribati Mobile 40p 2.4p 33.3333p 2p
Korea(North) *Int Korea (North) 191p 2.4p 159.1667p 2p
Korea(South)Int Korea (South) 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
Korea(South)MobileInt Korea (South) Mobile 3½p 2.4p 2.9167p 2p
KuwaitInt Kuwait 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
KuwaitMobileInt Kuwait Mobile 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
KyrgyzstanInt Kyrgyzstan 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
KyrgyzstanBishkekInt Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
KyrgyzstanMobileInt Kyrgyzstan Mobile 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
LaosInt Laos 4½p 2.4p 3¾p 2p
LatviaInt Latvia 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
LatviaMobileInt Latvia Mobile 10p 2.4p 8.3333p 2p
LatviaRigaInt Latvia Riga 2¼p 2.4p 1.875p 2p
LebanonInt Lebanon 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
LebanonMobileInt Lebanon Mobile 14½p 2.4p 12.0833p 2p
LesothoInt Lesotho 14¼p 2.4p 11.875p 2p
LesothoMobileInt Lesotho Mobile 17½p 2.4p 14.5833p 2p
LiberiaInt Liberia 23½p 2.4p 19.5833p 2p
LiberiaMobile *Int Liberia Mobile 40p 2.4p 33.3333p 2p
LibyaInt Libya 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
LibyaMobileInt Libya Mobile 23½p 2.4p 19.5833p 2p
LiechtensteinInt Liechtenstein 3p 2.4p 2½p 2p
LiechtensteinMobile *Int Liechtenstein Mobile 35½p 2.4p 29.5833p 2p
LithuaniaInt Lithuania 3½p 2.4p 2.9167p 2p
LithuaniaMobile *Int Lithuania Mobile 57p 2.4p 47½p 2p
LocalNTSNon-geographic UK calls "local" rate such as 0845 4.85p +
4.85p + 2½p/min 4.85p 4.0426p +
4.0426p + 2.0833p/min 4.0426p
LuxembourgInt Luxembourg 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
LuxembourgMobileInt Luxembourg Mobile 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
MacauInt Macau 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
MacedoniaInt Macedonia 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
MacedoniaMobile *Int Macedonia Mobile 37½p 2.4p 31¼p 2p
MacedoniaSkopjeInt Macedonia Skopje 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
Madagascar *Int Madagascar 24½p 2.4p 20.4167p 2p
MadagascarMobileInt Madagascar Mobile 18½p 2.4p 15.4167p 2p
MalawiInt Malawi 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
MalawiMobile *Int Malawi Mobile 47p 2.4p 39.1667p 2p
MalaysiaInt Malaysia 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
MalaysiaMobileInt Malaysia Mobile 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
MaldivesInt Maldives 9¼p 2.4p 7.7083p 2p
MaldivesMobileInt Maldives Mobile 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
Mali *Int Mali 32p 2.4p 26.6667p 2p
MaliMobile *Int Mali Mobile 53p 2.4p 44.1667p 2p
MaltaInt Malta 4½p 2.4p 3¾p 2p
MaltaMobileInt Malta Mobile 18¼p 2.4p 15.2083p 2p
MarianaIslands 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
MarianaIslands&NorthernMarianasInt Mariana Islands & Northern Marianas 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
MarshallIslandsInt Marshall Islands 19¼p 2.4p 16.0417p 2p
MartiniqueInt Martinique 2¼p 2.4p 1.875p 2p
MartiniqueMobileInt Martinique Mobile 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
Mauritania *Int Mauritania 86p 2.4p 71.6667p 2p
MauritaniaMobileInt Mauritania Mobile 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
MauritiusInt Mauritius 10½p 2.4p 8¾p 2p
MayotteInt Mayotte 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
MexicoInt Mexico 6½p 2.4p 5.4167p 2p
MexicoGuadalajaraInt Mexico Guadalajara 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
MexicoMexicoCityInt Mexico Mexico City 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
MexicoMobileInt Mexico Mobile 16½p 2.4p 13¾p 2p
MexicoMonterreyInt Mexico Monterrey 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
MicronesiaInt Micronesia 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
MidwayIslands *Int Midway Islands 112p 2.4p 93.3333p 2p
MMCall to A&A mobile 07 number 3p 1.2p 2½p 1p
MOA&A mobile originated surcharge 3p 1.2p 2½p 1p
MobAustraliaInt/Mobile Australia 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
MobAustria *Int/Mobile Austria 36p 2.4p 30p 2p
MobBelgiumInt/Mobile Belguim 18½p 18¼p 2.4p 15.4167p 15.2083p 2p
MobDenmarkInt/Mobile Denmark 16¾p 2.4p 13.9583p 2p
MobFranceInt/Mobile France 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
MobGermanyInt/Mobile Germany 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
MobGreeceInt/Mobile Greece 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
MobileA&A mobile relay 3p 1.02p 2½p 0.85p
MobItalyInt/Mobile Italy 21¼p 2.4p 17.7083p 2p
MobMoroccoInt/Mobile Morocco 20½p 2.4p 17.0833p 2p
MobNetherlandsInt/Mobile Netherlands 17p 2.4p 14.1667p 2p
MobNewZealandInt/Mobile New Zealand 20¼p 2.4p 16.875p 2p
MobNorwayInt/Mobile Norway 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
MobSpainInt/Mobile Spain 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
MobSwedenInt/Mobile Sweden 10¾p 10¼p 2.4p 8.9583p 8.5417p 2p
MoldovaInt Moldova 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
MoldovaChisinauInt Moldova Chisinau 8½p 2.4p 7.0833p 2p
MoldovaMobileInt Moldova Mobile 15¾p 2.4p 13.125p 2p
MonacoInt Monaco 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
MonacoKosovoMobileInt Monaco Kosovo Mobile 19½p 2.4p 16¼p 2p
MonacoMobile *Int Monaco Mobile 26¾p 2.4p 22.2917p 2p
MongoliaInt Mongolia 7½p 2.4p 6¼p 2p
Montserrat *Int Montserrat 35p 2.4p 29.1667p 2p
MontserratMobile 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
MontserratPager 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
MoroccoInt Morocco 12¼p 2.4p 10.2083p 2p
MoroccoCasablancaInt Morocco Casablanca 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
MoroccoMobile *Int Morocco Mobile 45p 2.4p 37½p 2p
MozambiqueInt Mozambique 6¾p 2.4p 5.625p 2p
MozambiqueMobileInt Mozambique Mobile 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
MTA&A mobile terminated surcharge 3p 1.2p 2½p 1p
Myanmar(Burma)Int Myanmar (Burma) 21½p 2.4p 17.9167p 2p
NamibiaInt Namibia 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
NamibiaMobileInt Namibia Mobile 19¾p 2.4p 16.4583p 2p
NationalNTSNon-geographic UK calls "national" rate such as 0870 9¼p 4¾p 2.4p 7.7083p 3.9583p 2p
Nauru *Int Nauru 54¼p 2.4p 45.2083p 2p
NepalInt Nepal 12½p 2.4p 10.4167p 2p
NepalBhaktapur/KathmanduInt Nepal Bhaktapur / Kathmandu 23p 2.4p 19.1666p 2p
NepalMobileInt Nepal Mobile 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
NetherlandsInt Netherlands 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
NetherlandsAntillesInt Netherlands Antilles 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
NetherlandsAntillesMobileInt Netherlands Antilles Mobile 9½p 2.4p 7.9167p 2p
NetherlandsMobileInt Netherlands Mobile 20¼p 2.4p 16.875p 2p
NewCaledoniaInt New Caledonia 19¼p 2.4p 16.0417p 2p
NewZealandInt New Zealand 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
NewZealandMobileInt New Zealand Mobile 18¼p 2.4p 15.2083p 2p
NicaraguaInt Nicaragua 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
NicaraguaMobileInt Nicaragua Mobile 16¼p 2.4p 13.5417p 2p
NigerInt Niger 16¾p 2.4p 13.9583p 2p
NigeriaInt Nigeria 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
NigeriaLagosInt Nigeria Lagos 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
NigeriaMobileInt Nigeria Mobile 10½p 2.4p 8¾p 2p
NigerMobileInt Niger Mobile 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
Niue *Int Niue 42½p 2.4p 35.4167p 2p
nofeeFree to call 0p 0p
NorfolkIsland *Int Norfolk Island 64½p 2.4p 53¾p 2p
NorwayInt Norway 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
NorwayMobileInt Norway Mobile 13¼p 2.4p 11.0417p 2p
Oman *Int Oman 30p 2.4p 25p 2p
PakistanInt Pakistan 7¾p 2.4p 6.4583p 2p
PalauInt Palau 16½p 2.4p 13¾p 2p
PalestineInt Palestine 19½p 2.4p 16¼p 2p
PalestineMobileInt Palestine Mobile 19½p 2.4p 16¼p 2p
PanamaInt Panama 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PanamaCityInt Panama City 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PanamaMobileInt Panama Mobile 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
PapuaNewGuinea *Int Papua New Guinea 32p 2.4p 26.6667p 2p
PapuaNewGuineaMobile *Int Papua New Guinea Mobile 34¾p 2.4p 28.9583p 2p
ParaguayInt Paraguay 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
ParaguayAsuncionInt Paraguay Asuncion 3¼p 2.4p 2.7083p 2p
ParaguayMobileInt Paraguay Mobile 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
PeruInt Peru 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
PeruLimaInt Peru Lima 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PeruMobileInt Peru Mobile 5½p 2.4p 4.5833p 2p
PhilippinesInt Philippines 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
PhilippinesMobileInt Philippines Mobile 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
pn2 *UK Personal pn2 55¼p 2.4p 46.0417p 2p
PolandInt Poland 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PolandMobileInt Poland Mobile 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
PolandMobileP4Int Poland Mobile P4 20p 2.4p 16.6667p 2p
PolandMobilePlus 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
PolandWarsawInt Poland Warsaw 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PortugalInt Portugal 3p 2.4p 2½p 2p
PortugalAzoresInt Portugal Azores 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PortugalLisbonInt Portugal Lisbon 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PortugalMadeiraIslandInt Portugal Madeira Island 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PortugalMobile *Int Portugal Mobile 44p 2.4p 36.6667p 2p
PortugalOportoInt Portugal Oporto 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
PuertoRicoInt Puerto Rico 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
Qatar *Int Qatar 25p 2.4p 20.8333p 2p
QatarMobileInt Qatar Mobile 22p 2.4p 18.3333p 2p
ReunionInt Reunion 3¼p 2.4p 2.7083p 2p
ReunionMobileInt Reunion Mobile 16½p 2.4p 13¾p 2p
RomaniaInt Romania 2½p 2.4p 2.0833p 2p
RomaniaBucharestInt Romania Bucharest 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
RomaniaMobileInt Romania Mobile 12¼p 2.4p 10.2083p 2p
RussiaInt Russia 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
RussiaMobile *Int Russia Mobile 32p 2.4p 26.6667p 2p
RussiaMoscow(Central)Int Russia Moscow (Central) 4p 2.4p 3.3333p 2p
RussiaStPetersburgInt Russia St Petersburg 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
Rwanda *Int Rwanda 60p 2.4p 50p 2p
RwandaMobileInt Rwanda Mobile 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
SamoaInt Samoa 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
SamoaMobile *Int Samoa Mobile 31¾p 2.4p 26.4583p 2p
SanMarinoInt San Marino 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SaoTome&Principe *Int Sao Tome & Principe 72¼p 2.4p 60.2083p 2p
SaudiArabiaInt Saudi Arabia 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
SaudiArabiaJeddahInt Saudi Arabia Jeddah 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
SaudiArabiaMobileInt Saudi Arabia Mobile 17p 2.4p 14.1667p 2p
SaudiArabiaRiyadhInt Saudi Arabia Riyadh 7¼p 2.4p 6.0417p 2p
SC001SC FREE + AC 2p/min 2p 2p 1.6667p 1.6667p
SC002SC 1p/min + AC 2p/min 7p 2p 5.8333p 1.6667p
SC003SC 2p/min + AC 2p/min 4p 2p 3.3334p 1.6667p
SC004SC 3p/min + AC 2p/min 15p 2p 12½p 1.6667p
SC005SC 4p/min + AC 2p/min 6p 2p 5p 1.6667p
SC006SC 5p/min + AC 2p/min 7p 2p 5.8334p 1.6667p
SC007SC 6p/min + AC 2p/min 8p 2p 6.6667p 1.6667p
SC008SC 7p/min + AC 2p/min 9p 2p 7½p 1.6667p
SC009SC 8p/min + AC 2p/min 10p 2p 8.3334p 1.6667p
SC010SC 9p/min + AC 2p/min 11p 2p 9.1667p 1.6667p
SC011SC 10p/min + AC 2p/min 12p 2p 10p 1.6667p
SC012SC 11p/min + AC 2p/min 13p 2p 10.8334p 1.6667p
SC013SC 12p/min + AC 2p/min 14p 2p 11.6667p 1.6667p
SC014SC 13p/min + AC 2p/min 15p 2p 12½p 1.6667p
SC015SC 15p/min + AC 2p/min 17p 2p 14.1667p 1.6667p
SC016SC 20p/min + AC 2p/min 22p 2p 18.3334p 1.6667p
SC017 *SC 25p/min + AC 2p/min 27p 2p 22½p 1.6667p
SC018 *SC 30p/min + AC 2p/min 32p 2p 26.6667p 1.6667p
SC019 *SC 35p/min + AC 2p/min 37p 2p 30.8334p 1.6667p
SC020 *SC 36p/min + AC 2p/min 38p 2p 31.6667p 1.6667p
SC021 *SC 40p/min + AC 2p/min 42p 2p 35p 1.6667p
SC022 *SC 45p/min + AC 2p/min 47p 2p 39.1667p 1.6667p
SC023 *SC 46p/min + AC 2p/min 48p 2p 40p 1.6667p
SC024 *SC 50p/min + AC 2p/min 52p 2p 43.3334p 1.6667p
SC025 *SC 55p/min + AC 2p/min 57p 2p 47½p 1.6667p
SC026 *SC 60p/min + AC 2p/min 62p 2p 51.6667p 1.6667p
SC027 *SC 65p/min + AC 2p/min 67p 2p 55.8334p 1.6667p
SC028 *SC 70p/min + AC 2p/min 72p 2p 60p 1.6667p
SC029 *SC 75p/min + AC 2p/min 77p 2p 64.1667p 1.6667p
SC030 *SC 80p/min + AC 2p/min 82p 2p 68.3334p 1.6667p
SC031 *SC 90p/min + AC 2p/min 92p 2p 76.6667p 1.6667p
SC032 *SC 95p/min + AC 2p/min 97p 2p 80.8334p 1.6667p
SC033 *SC 99p/min + AC 2p/min 101p 2p 84.1667p 1.6667p
SC034 *SC 100p/min + AC 2p/min 102p 2p 85p 1.6667p
SC035 *SC 110p/min + AC 2p/min 112p 2p 93.3334p 1.6667p
SC036 *SC 120p/min + AC 2p/min 122p 2p 101.6667p 1.6667p
SC037 *SC 145p/min + AC 2p/min 147p 2p 122½p 1.6667p
SC038 *SC 150p/min + AC 2p/min 152p 2p 126.6667p 1.6667p
SC039 *SC 155p/min + AC 2p/min 157p 2p 130.8334p 1.6667p
SC040 *SC 180p/min + AC 2p/min 182p 2p 151.6667p 1.6667p
SC041 *SC 200p/min + AC 2p/min 202p 2p 168.3334p 1.6667p
SC042 *SC 220p/min + AC 2p/min 222p 2p 185p 1.6667p
SC043 *SC 250p/min + AC 2p/min 252p 2p 210p 1.6667p
SC044 *SC 300p/min + AC 2p/min 302p 2p 251.6667p 1.6667p
SC045 *SC 360p/min + AC 2p/min 362p 2p 301.6667p 1.6667p
SC046SC 5p/call + AC 2p/min 5p + 2p/min 7p 4.1667p + 1.6667p/min 5.8334p
SC047SC 10p/call + AC 2p/min 10p + 2p/min 12p 8.3333p + 1.6667p/min 10p
SC048SC 15p/call + AC 2p/min 15p + 2p/min 17p 12½p + 1.6667p/min 14.1667p
SC049 *SC 25p/call + AC 2p/min 25p + 2p/min 27p 20.8333p + 1.6667p/min 22½p
SC050 *SC 30p/call + AC 2p/min 30p + 2p/min 32p 25p + 1.6667p/min 26.6667p
SC051 *SC 35p/call + AC 2p/min 35p + 2p/min 37p 29.1667p + 1.6667p/min 30.8334p
SC052 *SC 40p/call + AC 2p/min 40p + 2p/min 42p 33.3333p + 1.6667p/min 35p
SC053 *SC 48p/call + AC 2p/min 48p + 2p/min 50p 40p + 1.6667p/min 41.6667p
SC054 *SC 50p/call + AC 2p/min 50p + 2p/min 52p 41.6667p + 1.6667p/min 43.3334p
SC055 *SC 70p/call + AC 2p/min 70p + 2p/min 72p 58.3333p + 1.6667p/min 60p
SC056 *SC 75p/call + AC 2p/min 75p + 2p/min 77p 62½p + 1.6667p/min 64.1667p
SC057 *SC 100p/call + AC 2p/min 100p + 2p/min 102p 83.3333p + 1.6667p/min 85p
SC058 *SC 145p/call + AC 2p/min 145p + 2p/min 147p 120.8333p + 1.6667p/min 122½p
SC059 *SC 150p/call + AC 2p/min 150p + 2p/min 152p 125p + 1.6667p/min 126.6667p
SC060 *SC 200p/call + AC 2p/min 200p + 2p/min 202p 166.6667p + 1.6667p/min 168.3334p
SC061 *SC 250p/call + AC 2p/min 250p + 2p/min 252p 208.3333p + 1.6667p/min 210p
SC062 *SC 300p/call + AC 2p/min 300p + 2p/min 302p 250p + 1.6667p/min 251.6667p
SC063 *SC 400p/call + AC 2p/min 400p + 2p/min 402p 333.3333p + 1.6667p/min 335p
SC064 *SC 500p/call + AC 2p/min 500p + 2p/min 502p 416.6667p + 1.6667p/min 418.3334p
SC065 *SC 600p/call + AC 2p/min 600p + 2p/min 602p 500p + 1.6667p/min 501.6667p
SC066 *SC 77p/call + 155p/min + AC 2p/min 77p + 157p/min 79p 64.1667p + 130.8334p/min 65.8334p
SC067 *SC 80p/call + 25p/min + AC 2p/min 80p + 27p/min 82p 66.6667p + 22½p/min 68.3334p
SC073 *SC 250p/min (after 1 min) + AC 2p/min -250p + 252p/min 2p -208.3333p + 210p/min 1.6667p
SC074SC 5p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 7p 7p 5.8334p 5.8334p
SC075SC 10p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 12p 12p 10p 10p
SC076 *SC 40p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 42p 42p 35p 35p
SC077 *SC 70p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 72p 72p 60p 60p
SC078 *SC 150p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 152p 152p 126.6667p 126.6667p
SC079 *SC 200p/min (min 1 min) + AC 2p/min 202p 202p 168.3334p 168.3334p
SenegalInt Senegal 14¼p 2.4p 11.875p 2p
SenegalMobileInt Senegal Mobile 19p 2.4p 15.8333p 2p
Serbia&Montenegro(Yugoslavia) *Int Serbia & Montenegro (Yugoslavia) 49p 2.4p 40.8333p 2p
Serbia&MontenegroMobile *Int Serbia & Montenegro (Yugoslavia) Mob 33.6p 2.4p 28p 2p
Seychelles *Int Seychelles 100p 2.4p 83.3333p 2p
SierreLeone *Int Sierre Leone 74p 2.4p 61.6667p 2p
SierreLeoneMobile *Int Sierre Leone Mobile 45.6p 2.4p 38p 2p
SingaporeInt Singapore 10p 2.4p 8.3333p 2p
SingaporeMobileInt Singapore Mobile 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SlovakiaInt Slovakia 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SlovakiaMobileInt Slovakia Mobile 14p 2.4p 11.6667p 2p
SloveniaInt Slovenia 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
SloveniaMobileInt Slovenia Mobile 21¾p 2.4p 18.125p 2p
SMSMOReduced outgoing SMS rate when relayed direct from SIP2SIM 4.8p fixed 4.8p 4p fixed 4p
SMSOGOutgoing SMS (mobile or web) 7.2p fixed 7.2p 6p fixed 6p
SolomonIslands *Int Solomon Islands 37½p 2.4p 31¼p 2p
Somalia *Int Somalia 102p 2.4p 85p 2p
SouthAfricaInt South Africa 23p 2.4p 19.1667p 2p
SouthAfricaCellCMBLSouth Africa Cell C MBL 20½p 2.4p 17.0833p 2p
SouthAfricaMBLSouth Africa MBL 20½p 2.4p 17.0833p 2p
SouthAfricaMobileInt South Africa Mobile 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
SouthAfricaMTNMBLSouth Africa MTN MBL 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
SouthAfricaVodacomMblSouth Africa Vodacom MBL 21p 2.4p 17½p 2p
SouthSudanMobile * 26p 2.4p 21.6666p 2p
SpainInt Spain 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SpainCanaryIslandsInt Spain Canary Islands 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SpainMobileInt Spain Mobile 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
SriLankaInt Sri Lanka 11½p 2.4p 9.5833p 2p
SriLankaMobileInt Sri Lanka Mobile 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
StHelena *Int St Helena 97p 2.4p 80.8333p 2p
StKitts&NevisInt St Kitts & Nevis 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
StKitts&NevisMobileInt St Kitts & Nevis Mobile 16¼p 2.4p 13.5417p 2p
StLuciaInt St Lucia 9¾p 2.4p 8.125p 2p
StLuciaMobileInt St Lucia Mobile 15¼p 2.4p 12.7083p 2p
StPierre&MiquelonInt St Pierre & Miquelon 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
StVincent&GrenadinesInt St Vincent & Grenadines 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
StVincent&GrenadinesMobile *Int St Vincent & Grenadines Mobile 27p 2.4p 22½p 2p
SudanInt Sudan 11¼p 2.4p 9.375p 2p
SudanMobile * 28p 2.4p 23.3333p 2p
SurinameInt Suriname 14½p 2.4p 12.0833p 2p
SurinameMobileInt Suriname Mobile 14¼p 2.4p 11.875p 2p
SwazilandInt Swaziland 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
SwazilandMobileInt Swaziland Mobile 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
SwedenInt Sweden 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SwedenMobileInt Sweden Mobile 13¼p 2.4p 11.0417p 2p
SwedenStockholmInt Sweden Stockholm 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SwitzerlandInt Switzerland 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SwitzerlandMobileInt Switzerland Mobile 22¾p 2.4p 18.9583p 2p
SwitzerlandZurichInt Switzerland Zurich 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
SyriaInt Syria 12½p 2.4p 10.4167p 2p
SyriaMobileInt Syria Mobile 14½p 2.4p 12.0833p 2p
TaiwanInt Taiwan 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
TaiwanMobileInt Taiwan Mobile 12p 2.4p 10p 2p
TajikistanInt Tajikistan 6½p 2.4p 5.4167p 2p
TajikistanMobileInt Tajikistan Mobile 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
Tanzania *Int Tanzania 56p 2.4p 46.6667p 2p
TanzaniaMobile *Int Tanzania Mobile 52p 2.4p 43.3333p 2p
testTest calls 0p 0p
ThailandInt Thailand 5¾p 2.4p 4.7917p 2p
ThailandMobileInt Thailand Mobile 7p 2.4p 5.8333p 2p
Thuraya(Satellite) *Int Thuraya (Satellite) 831p 2.4p 692½p 2p
Togo *Int Togo 27½p 2.4p 22.9167p 2p
TogoMobile *Int Togo Mobile 26p 2.4p 21.6667p 2p
Tokelau *Int Tokelau 46¾p 2.4p 38.9583p 2p
TongaInt Tonga 12½p 2.4p 10.4167p 2p
Trinidad&TobagoInt Trinidad & Tobago 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
Trinidad&TobagoMobileInt Trinidad & Tobago Mobile 24p 2.4p 20p 2p
TunisiaInt Tunisia 17¼p 2.4p 14.375p 2p
TunisiaMobile *Int Tunisia Mobile 113p 2.4p 94.1667p 2p
TurkeyInt Turkey 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
TurkeyIstanbul(Europe)Int Turkey Istanbul (Europe) 6p 2.4p 5p 2p
TurkeyMobileInt Turkey Mobile 21p 2.4p 17½p 2p
TurkeyMobileKKTCellTurkey Mobile KKTCell 18½p 2.4p 15.4167p 2p
TurkmenistanInt Turkmenistan 8¼p 2.4p 6.875p 2p
TurkmenistanMobileInt Turkmenistan Mobile 18p 2.4p 15p 2p
Turks&CaicosIslandsInt Turks & Caicos Islands 8¾p 2.4p 7.2917p 2p
Turks&CaicosIslandsMobileInt Turks & Caicos Islands Mobile 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
Turks&CaicosIslandsPager 17¾p 2.4p 14.7917p 2p
Tuvalu *Int Tuvalu 37¾p 2.4p 31.4583p 2p
Uganda *Int Uganda 54p 2.4p 45p 2p
UgandaMobile *Int Uganda Mobile 33p 2.4p 27½p 2p
UKPagers 9¾p 4p 3¼p 2.4p 8.125p 3.3333p 2.7083p 2p
UkraineInt Ukraine 19p 2.4p 15.8333p 2p
UkraineDnipropetrovskInt Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk 15p 2.4p 12½p 2p
UkraineDonetskInt Ukraine Donetsk 6¾p 2.4p 5.625p 2p
UkraineKharkivInt Ukraine Kharkiv 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
UkraineKievInt Ukraine Kiev 6½p 2.4p 5.4167p 2p
UkraineLvivInt Ukraine Lviv 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
UkraineMobile *Int Ukraine Mobile 34p 2.4p 28.3333p 2p
UkraineOdessaInt Ukraine Odessa 6¼p 2.4p 5.2083p 2p
UnitedArabEmiratesInt United Arab Emirates 22p 2.4p 18.3333p 2p
UnitedArabEmiratesDubaiInt United Arab Emirates Dubai 16p 2.4p 13.3333p 2p
UnitedArabEmiratesMobileInt United Arab Emirates Mobile 22p 2.4p 18.3333p 2p
UPNUniversal Personal Number 0p 0p
UruguayInt Uruguay 4¾p 2.4p 3.9583p 2p
UruguayMobileInt Uruguay Mobile 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
USAInt USA 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
USAAlaskaInt USA Alaska 3p 2.4p 2½p 2p
USAHawaiiInt USA Hawaii 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
USVirginIslandsInt US Virgin Islands 2p 2.4p 1.6667p 2p
UzbekistanInt Uzbekistan 17p 2.4p 14.1667p 2p
UzbekistanMobileInt Uzbekistan Mobile 5p 2.4p 4.1667p 2p
UzbekistanTashkentInt Uzbekistan Tashkent 4½p 2.4p 3¾p 2p
Vanuatu *Int Vanuatu 103p 2.4p 85.8333p 2p
VenezuelaInt Venezuela 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
VenezuelaCaracasInt Venezuela Caracas 13p 2.4p 10.8333p 2p
VenezuelaMobile *Int Venezuela Mobile 30¾p 2.4p 25.625p 2p
VietnamVietnam 10¼p 2.4p 8.5417p 2p
vmVoicemail 0p 0p
Yemen 22p 0.12p 18.3333p 0.1p
Zambia * 61p 2.4p 50.8333p 2p
ZambiaMobile * 48p 2.4p 40p 2p
Zimbabwe * 39p 2.4p 32½p 2p
Zimbabwe Mobile * 54p 2.4p 45p 2p