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Mobile & VoIP

BT plugAndrews & Arnold Ltd is a telephone service provider in the UK and offers telephone, mobile and text services. We have access to number blocks in all UK land-line area codes and can allocate you real telephone numbers which can be called from anywhere in the world. Our services connect to you using Voice over IP (VoIP). This means you can use a VoIP telephone or a mobile with the service or use it with your computer if you prefer. You can also connect to a telephone system so that a whole office of people can make and receive calls.

Voice over IP numbers

We can provide Voice over IP UK telephone numbers in all areas of the country (and even 07 UK Mobile). You can order on-line and be receiving and making calls in a matter of minutes. Call recording as standard. No minimum term.

Order a VoIP telephone number.

Mobile SIM cards

Our mobile SIM cards provide voice and data options with no minimum term, low monthly rentals, and pay for what you use. They are ideal for staff mobile phones and tablets and even allow your mobiles to connect to your office phone system. They are ideal for financial services use for call recorded mobiles.

These are the two most common SIMs for voice and data - more voice SIMs are available. Voice SIMs

SIP2SIM O2/EU Roaming Voice SIM

The SIP2SIM service makes your mobile work like a SIP device connected to a SIP phone system or VoIP provider of your choice. It can also be supplied pre-configured to an A&A VoIP number making your mobile work like a normal mobile phone but with a landline style number. This SIM is dual profile allowing use of O2 in the UK and switching to an EU profile throughout the rest of the world.

Order voice SIMs

Prices (ex VAT). Buy SIM £5.00.
Ongoing charges £2.00 pcm
Calls (O2) 2.00p/min (EU) 10.00p/min
Texts (O2) 2.00p (EU) 5.00p
Data (O2) 2.00p/MB (EU) 10.00p/MB
See roaming prices.

UK Three 3G Data SIM

This data SIM provides fixed IPv4 address mobile data with full 1500 byte MTU and no filtering. You can even have it connect to your own office system via L2TP making it ideal for iPads and similar devices.

Order data SIMs

Prices (ex VAT). Buy SIM £10.00.
£2.00 pcm.

BrandingOur voice and data SIM cards are ideal for a corporate network or for a wholesale customer to set up their own mobile service.

We can offer branding with professional quality SIM printing and pre-set settings.